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So and media media's at stuff gets canceled all the time chill out. Yeah. I I just don't know where the confusion came because I think that the emails that they sent to media, which I received our fucking clear the media workouts have been cancelled. There was still a secondary Email full press release sent out the Mars and his whole team relocate him. I mean, we got an Instagram conversation with Calvin four last night saying, hey, you know, you're going to Callie we would like to meet up with job over there, Dan, it was just waiting. So like, I don't know. Maybe it's more as with the injury. I don't know. There's something in the pre pro read that while I give out this information. And will I mean this turned into a tube topic show? It looks like some heavyweights and some super featherweights. Older about the rematch with soaks guy at the moment. We hope we're going to get there is taking long longer than we it. But we feel we're going to make some headline hulk leaving the next week or so we're gonna make an announcement. Is it fair to say that is is Robert and location that might be the thing that's delaying. I mean Charleston's traveller if any way you know, that and the locations part of it is the other guys back y'all to gain the bad. A bad decision over the last time, obviously would prefer to hear it seems that the money most of the money generated in the site because the price charged in a pipe and tickets. So that's looks like that's where head, but we want some might show about going gets what he's worth. And boy he's worth we've seen stories saying it has to be fifty fifty or nothing is it really that rigid. A negotiating position fifty fifties. The problem it's a few more things in that. I mean. That is what? So Mario fifty fifty is in the problem with you think you think Tyson's China walk. I walk last is he trying to be does he want a certain one the announcer announce them as a certain type of champion like what could be this point. If it's not fifty fifty. I think it's all that. Here's what I think it is. Okay. Because people always talk about fifty fifty what does that add up to a hundred? But I remember a famous, quote, it's not famous because it was only told too few of us at media. That there's it's actually there's actually another five to ten percent at five to ten percent is made up of who's gonna walk. I who calls the gloves who calls the color of the ring apron who calls like, you know, all this crazy stuff, right? I think it's all of that. Because I think it's about respect, you know, people are speculating that that they are that there was this real hope early in the early in the negotiations that they could have gotten to the UK right there. There's a lot of speculation that that's where they were headed. And they didn't get it. They missed their Mark. Right. They know that they had to concede to u s because of the money that it brings. So basically what to me from what Frank Warren was saying I've heard it a few times. Now, try to dissect a little bit more. So I could try to here where he's coming from. I think what he is saying is since there is more money on the table since there is more stuff at stake since this fight as they can see is bigger in the US than it is in the UK than whatever variables that they can stack they want. It's about respect. So since I'm going to get the price that I'm gonna get. Like, that's what you know. The money is the money that they're taking it. Right. That's that's done. But now, we're in the US. And I think they're still salty about that. So they're going to stack every little thing on top. And here's the thing though, fury deserves it fury deserves it. I honestly think if titles weren't a question fury would deserve the bigger share of it. Because he is coming back to the US is double dipping, you know. We're not talking about Joshua wilder. You know, double dip it in the US or the UK. Why not because you know, it's even so Yuri Syria for deserving it. As I think he deserves it because he came to the US he defeated all the odds against him in..

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