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Radio one thousand Katie okay coming up after a long break for public school students good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the cage you can use it this is Oklahoma's first news you're probably what a jacket for a sweater today as definitely an umbrella this afternoon and tonight are forecast is coming up public schools in Oklahoma will remain closed for at least two weeks after spring break until April six or longer if needed that from state schools superintendent joy Hofmeister this is not a simple decisions that we bring this recommendation to you and it will be challenging for many families nothing takes precedence over the health and well being of our people nothing pop Meister says the need to protect the health of students their families and teachers outweighs everything else president trump has released a series of guidelines to slow the spread of the corona virus here John decker the president during a White House coronavirus briefing called on people to avoid visiting bars restaurants and food courts and avoid discretionary travel it's important for the young and healthy people to understand that while they may experience milder symptoms are symptoms they can easily spread this virus and they will spread it indeed the president recommended avoiding gatherings of more than ten people have predicted the virus would be a threat until the summer the president also called on governors that have stayed with evidence of community transmission to close schools in the affected areas the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ordered district courts across the state to delay trials and cancel jury terms for the next thirty days because of the coronavirus most deadlines and hearings also will be delayed an order signed by the Chief Justice says access to court houses will be restricted to encourage social.

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