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And yet with a quote, bloated face Stoker also says the vampire has remarkable readiness of the lips. So pale face, pale, bloated face, and then remarkably red lips on he's ascribes the three vampire brides in Drexel's castle. With the words, the ruddy color, the voluptuous lips. And this could be sort of a third hand reflection of the way people with polite GRA would have redness and swelling of the lips though often leading to a cracking that you probably would not describe as voluptuous I would guess. You know, this reminds me specifically though, of some of the depictions I've seen of. Ghouls, which have certain vampiric qualities. And we did a whole episode on ghouls a while back that's running as vault episode this month. But in particular, there was a tales from the crypt episode called morning mess morning as in like mourning for the dead, didn't. It's fabulous episode. My favorite tales from the cook deficit really, and but it has some wonderful ghouls in it in the ghouls are depicted. You know, as this kind of like grayish pale creatures, hairless kind of elven ears, and they have these big grotesque lips though that are cracked in the manner that you're describing. Oh, I just looked it up. Yes, exactly. They're, they're all cracked. Yeah, parched. Almost showing clear evidence of hyper Caritas. Yeah, that's that's interesting. So another thing that the authors point out here is that vampires in folklore often characterized as having a foul mouth or bad breath. And the authors note that this may be the origin of the use of garlic. As a remedy for vampirism through homeopathic logic. Right. You like curious leg. So the villagers wanted to fight fire with fire. You've got foul mouth, give him garlic to curate. I'm thinking a lot of people had foul mouth though. It's gonna go out on a limb..

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