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So everything you earn. If you've got perfect attendance, you can tack on a hundred and twenty five dollars, and that would be five hundred dollars a month. Well, that's for the drivers helpers. Now, the preloader are eleven forty an hour. I do want to kind of give a plug for UPS because they will be conducting interviews at twenty five forty one coming. Ortiz from ten AM to four o'clock PM tomorrow the twentieth November the twentieth, and and that's their building headquarters here on the corner right around the corner from off right around the corner from where we are for more. You guys are from where you are right behind the old, Nicole, Nicole work, the the old outback building, right? Okay. Ranch houses at. Yeah. Right behind that. I guess I just haven't. It hasn't done UPS is hiring. I'm pushing for ups also has a need for managers in training twelve to fifteen an hour really and clerks at eleven forty an hour. And there's another one for Salvation Army. They are looking for about ringers seasonal bell ringers accepting donations to help the people in our community. And of course, house of representatives. We have multiple listings for just had an election. Are we looking for replacements already for people who work at the capitol? And and Al our manager when amount with the individuals at staff chief of staff over there at the house of representatives, and they're looking to get new people in this year as well. You know, Richard L pretty much every year. You get the same old folks coming incoming incoming while we have a bunch of new people coming in. So those new people are going to want to get their own staff. And so what we hope to do is help them fill those. Vacancies what can work is that clerical work Stumm som-? I'm we're also looking for those temporary position. What did you say? Some some some I'm sorry for the upcoming session starting in January. So that's the push right now, we've got assistance legislative assistance, we have some receptionist needed financial officer windows windows begin after the first of the year. Obviously, they might even start hiring like even a month before the session, actually mid-december those positions are to begin December the sixteenth. Okay. And then probably go through because the sessional go through mid February. Maybe to the February. Brad, you get all the bills wrapped up all bundled up and all that kind of stuff and mighty. I if I'm not mistaken. Do we have any cooks or maintenance or like that service workers? Definitely see you have kitchen stuff that are needed, and there's multiple, and if you're gonna apply for that be good because that cafeteria over there in the capitalist fantastic. So well kept secret. Right. Unbelievable prices kitchen staff, they're actually there until everybody leaves. So if they wrap up at twelve o'clock midnight kitchen staff wraps up at twelve o'clock midnight. So yeah, if they're still working you're still in the kitchen. Be back with Maria Herrera, and Eric Lucero New Mexico workforce connections. It is forty five minutes after two gone on a Monday, fifty degrees. Beautiful day today here in the state capital overnight tonight about twenty seven degrees right back talked about sixty one three seven t r. When she's. Thanks. Away. On last. We'll be coming right back to the.

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