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Some clouds were accompanied by lightning and drawing and that poor down on all sides star of rain as heavy as wagon wheels. Now at what happens at that point in time. He is doing his prayers on a regular basis who finally one day markan diarrhea. She is performing is worship. He was sitting on this particular Bank of the push revenue. Okay. One of the tributaries of Ghana when Surani of win comes over there. And it creates cerebral sounds, and then he thinks clouds lightning role hundred so on and so forth and rain after. Then the four great oceans appeared on all sides swallowing of the surface of the earth with the wind tossed waves in this oceans were terrible seem monsters, fearful polls and omnious Romley. Now. You went to wonder how does this work think about it? Just now I was talking motor lever. Which river and here we are talking about four oceans coming up together. This happens Linley. Remember, it is nothing, but the potency of the large car Meyer. Maya can create any thing where there is nothing. She can create anything. So what happens markan diary, she when he is doing his prayers sullenly, he can see the for oceans coming together and rising waves and feel full. You know, terrible see monsters fearful whirlpools and ominous rumblings the saw all the inhabitants of the universe, including himself lamented within and without by harsh wins. The bolt of lightning and the great waves rising beyond the sky, the whole lot flooded. He group up next hand fearful now markan diary, she is seeing all this happening to him. So right in front of the four oceans have gathered, and they are rising and the sea monsters and things like that. And. The inhabitants of the universe including himself. He star mated Natalie in you have floods you're not doing sooner NAMI what happens the entire place is destroyed. Currently there was a problem in Indonesia, where not only the oceans rose. But there was thunder strong rain squall you name it and on top of it out quick. And then the Wilkin Oba. Three things happening at one time. Do you know how bad it is cousins of lives were lost in Indonesian, just recently? Okay. Just maybe a week back or so. And that was said even now just see the he saw in everybody's dominated within. And without by the harsh rings, both of lightning great waves beyond the sky, the whole earth flooded, he drew up next and fearful even as markan looked on the rain pouring down from the clouds for the ocean. More and more until the Red Sea its waters violently whipped into terrifying. Waves of hurricanes covered up on the islands mountains and continents the water inundated outerspace heaven this listed lesion in Indian Tara expense of the universe flooded in all directions and out of all these inhabitants. Only markan remained. His mattered heads scattered. The great sage wandered about alone in the water as demand like now in front of Larkin diarrhea. She although have gathered everything is destroyed the world around him completely complaining. He's only personnel live over there. And he's wading through the waters and walking over there documented by hunger and thirst attacked by monsters Mackerras and teaming fish and battered by the wind and wins. He moves aimlessly through the in finite darkness into which he had fallen Andy grew increasingly exhausted. He lost all sense of Badakshan and could not tell the sky from the earth. So this is the way in which Wia works Maya brought all this together. So there were everything had got destroyed complete darkness. He was waiting in the waters teeming fish swimming, fish, tiny fishes fishes, which can eat human beings. Also. I mean, they are like those piranhas no piranhas how they need you. Something like that. And the Moncada's different kinds of fishes and creatures of the sea..

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