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To win rookie of the year number three years and has a dark horse i liked him at a oregon royce freeman a big strong physical back out of oregon he goes to denver again denver's got case keenum they know you're not gonna win games by having case keenum flow the ball thirty five times a game i think they went and upgraded their own line royce freeman holds the oregon record for most career rushing yards which is really impressive considering how much oregon ran the football and with a level of successful chip kelly he's got the six rushing yards and nc double a history burg strong kid that can take a pounding and with case cam they're gonna give him twenty carries a game i think he's my number three pick to win rookie of the year i i really like royce stream oregon and number four is a little bit of a dark horse christian kirk for wide receiver going errors on it first of all he's a dynamic special teams return guy so he's gonna row some people on special teams he's also not going to be an outside guys going to be a slot guy meaning double screens he's really good he doesn't break a lot of tackles but he's good after the catch very clever he's not a straight line beat on the field unbelievable speed he's clever he's good in space in the slot he's gonna get a lot of opportunities so to me outside of saquon barkley i'll like vegas is listed all simply because i don't think most of the guys vegas likes are going to get that money touches and that money starts i know but nick chubb calvin ridley race freeman and christian kirk are gonna play in sixteen games they're going to get a lot of.

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