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Angel Martinez. All right. Let's talk about Ella tee generators. I'm sorry. We'll do that next. Let's talk right now. About luxury bad. Yes, I love luxury bath. We're at home for, you know, like everybody, you know, confined to our homes and I looked at my shower. The shower door was cracked. It was mildew and Pete. The paint was peeling. I'm like, you know, I'm in my fifties. That's the bathroom. That's a starter bathroom for somebody in college or first apartment. Not May I moved on I was years ago. So I called. I looked around on the Internet and I found luxury bath. Right. Call them up. John O'Toole came out man gave me a sweet deal and put this thing together in one day. They got here at eight o'clock in the morning, and they left at 1 30 in the afternoon. That's incredible, right so they could do the same thing for you. A lifetime warranty. They use Micro bam. It's an anti microbial antibacterial products. It's fused into their into their silicone into their walls. They're panels there. Shower pans all that stuff. And it's great what it means. It's an it inhibits growth of mould and mildew. I don't you know this, but 80% of all accidents happen in the home. If the bathroom if you're getting out of the bathtub So that's 80% of all accidents getting out of a bathtub so you can eliminate that by taking the path out and just putting a shower him. So 18 month same, his cash financing. It's a simulated style style. Look, I love it and luxury bath. Phone him up right away. Get this done. You're going to get $900 off your project. $900 off your project. Phone him up 800 to 98 17 05 800 to 98 17 05 800.

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