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Which has helped a i can be used to optimize. Content marketing for beater. Beat so talk to us about what you think the. Ai component is so important and so powerful. Yeah not that's a great question and and thanks for a. It's really think that people rushed to judgment about what they think. Artificial intelligence is way too quickly and not to go on. You know what is what isn't they. I regarding this but it's really there. They think that it's just a thing that's going to write. Content and while natural language generation is a thing and it is our data. Science team is based in montreal. The market news Four lab and we are innovating in that field and we have our own natural language. Generation platform natural language processing in artificial intelligence has impacts across the content life cycle all the way from early stage research to planning and prioritization of building. Kind of sources of truth for Things processes like project breaks or content breaks on giving your writers insights while they write a much like they'd expect to get with spellcheck right or grammar a grammar checking or but giving them insights that. Tell them how to make this more. Comprehensive or written from more of a lens of an expert would right and then going into publishing in promotion and then post published assessment. The biggest thing that i can bring for a the kind of a full stack marketer full stack content. Marketer is kind of clarity clarity in their mirrors. I always like to say as you probably have a bit of fun house mirror if you work in a mid market enterprise company. Because you're like there's a lot of bias there's internal stuff. There's a lot of brainstorming a lot of subjectivity. So the big thing that artificial official tells can bring you is objective measures of things. You only ever thought would ever be subjective. And that's the brain breaker right because it saying wait wait you can tell me you can try to set a standard for a concept like contact quality or contact comprehensive this guy or subject matter expertise and that's where i've spent You know the last seven plus years is trying to build objective measures for things that people only ever thought would be subjective in. Come out of you know great ideas or subject matter experts brains. What that does is it makes. Subject matter experts and editorial strategists in content strategists and great writers into super powered writers into do superpower. Strategist because you can say. Hey i want to go write this article or build this content plant now instead of saying someone goes why you say because i'm smart. You're not. I know this you don't you now say i've got these metrics. I am able to predict the outcomes of this plan. And that empowers editorial leader to not just have to sit on their expertise as the bar for people enable their decisions so then they can ask for more money. They.

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