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Mechanics in depth team coverage on the fire is burning in Southern California continues in minute. At the bottom of the hour. 5 30 it is 5 25 now, traffic and weather together of intimidates on the fines for Jennifer. Yours. Yeah, because of the fires. Of course, Silverado and Blue Ridge. We've got a lot of closures to the toll road. So let me tell you about them. I'm sure you're aware of them. But this is the 1 33 5 north 1 33 is closed as well. Someone 33 all the way up to the 2 41 2 41 basically Shit down from the almost the Rancho Santa Margherita area all the way up to the 2 41 where the 2 41 meets the 2 61 2 41 continues to be close to the provide regional park area all the way up to the 91 that of course, you've got the eastern westbound 91 transition roads to the south to 41 shut down and you've got to 61 clothes from the Orchard Hills area. Heading up to the 2 41. Now I'm going to keep it on this 91 for you because yesterday it was greatly impacted. You know, in the morning the westbound was heavy in the afternoon. The eastbound was very heavy. I'm looking at it now. Because of that transit, You know, the transition was of the eastern West 91 of the South to 41 being closed. It's already backed up now before the 71. So I'm gonna keep it on for you now. Yesterday was tough because the 15 North was not a good alternate to get up to 60. That's not the case this morning. If you're driving out of Corona, you don't want to face any crowds are slowing. You could take the 15 North up to the westbound 60. And you're fine. I'm looking at the 60. It's moving very, very well. I couldn't figure out what the East 10 was going had going on there right around Kellogg Hill. I didn't have a crash, but I do see some song and I think it's Caltrans related on the eastbound tan heading up towards the 57. You got a back up there to about grand And also I want to get one of mentioned one of things because of the Blue Ridge fire. We've got the Gypsum Canyon off ramps on the East and west about 91 closed as well. Our next reporters at 5 35 with more traffic reports more often I'm Jennifer York, the Toyota condor dot com 24 Hour Traffic center can extend 70 NewsRadio, winter potteries and warnings in effect until this afternoon. The red flag warnings still up as well. Now, the current forecast says that this should diminish the wind. Later on this afternoon, we'll see how that plays out like for high in the seventies, right now, 52 degrees at 5 27. You get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks so much I'm going to have to speed things up. You could get the claim three discount, which gives you money off your homeowner's policy, if you've been claimed for you for three consecutive years, also lives with three successive years, three years great in what's known to insurance Francis to claim 33. Get a whole lot of something.

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