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And this is what they talk about we've been a radiant deal is there another person in the country talking about this on the radio i dunno i can't even listen anymore is there another person in the country on tv talking about this iranian deal what's going on in the shadows what this rogue senator bob corker bob corker who help eviscerated the treaty clause bob corker who ensured to ensure that this deal will go through despite the fact that he goes on camera insults against and it proves my point it underscores inputs an exclamation mark about it that he wanted this deal because now he's doing everything he can to protect protected like the bridge over the river kwai this is the bridge with a british colonel building a bridge with sleigh british labour pows and he supposed to blow it up supposed to blow it up when the japanese troop train comes across and he will not do it he's so in love with this brick and ultimately it does blow up but that's not so well done he shot and he falls on the plunger and the bridge blows up you know but for bob corker he's the british colonel in the movie for bob corker this is the bridge therein deal and mr mattis over there at the defense department all the talk about mad donald donald over there sounds like a lapdog to me and rex tillerson mr exxon mobil what a buffoon i'm sorry ladies and gentlemen true it is true what a bunch of the floor i'll be right back william wyler every friday morning at nine joined pack his cell for american today a.

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