Donald Trump, Ivana Trump And Rape discussed on The Breakfast Club


Did differently than other rape cases. And, you know, Donald Trump was accused of spousal rape by his first wife, Ivana Trump during their divorce proceedings. And when that accusation came out during his first presidential campaign again, every surface that's when Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen said. By the very definition, you can't rape your spouse. And that was a really controversial remark because if somebody tells you know whether or not you're married, that does not mean just your anybody's property and you can just take anything. Perhaps I did not know that about Donald Trump. And I am amazed how everything comes back to Donald Trump. How does everything come back to Donald Trump? All right, Well, I think that was a big deal when it happened for his then lawyer to say that you can't rape your spouse. That's the most ridiculous thing. There's people that are married and that are not getting along. They don't even like each other, you know, And just because that's my spouse doesn't mean that I'm obligated to have sex with you. All right. All right. Well, that is your rumor report. All right now a revolt will see you guys tomorrow. Everybody else's people's choice. Mixes up next in today's snoops birthdays. Let's talk T today, Senator Kamala Harris is born day to really, you know, rushing on the record. But anyways the breakfast club breakfast Club your Morning zone never beat us

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