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Meanwhile, former vice President Joe Biden in Durham, North Carolina, Sunday, accusing the president of tipping off Wall Street about how serious the Corona viruses, according to The New York Times 34 days ago, his administration gave Wall Street investors heads up. He didn't tell us just his friends on Wall Street. That's why they made so much money. By quote selling short, who got so short you've got sell Short. Also knew tonight, Facebook and Twitter acted quickly to limit the spread of an unverifiable New York Post article. CEOs of these Social media giants will now have to answer to the Senate lawmakers from both parties. If you're eager to rein in the power of social media companies and big tech conglomerates, But for two different reasons, congressional Republicans and President Trump are out. Twitter blotch links to a New York Post story alleging improper behavior by Joe Biden's hunter. Since then, Twitter has backtracked and allowed the story to be shared. Facebook, though, also limited

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