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The Kennedy backed up from division into death into the burn Also Go on the Eisenhower from Ashland into the circle and Stevenson itself from Ashland onto the impound. Dan Ryan. Ramp. Dan Ryan itself backed up stopping go from 31st into the circle. I'm Mikiko cozy on WGN traffic Central President Trump has been impeached for a second time. The final vote in the House yesterday was 232 to 1 97. With 10 Republicans joining Democrats and improving the latest approving the latest SEPI impeachment resolution. That resolution accuses the president of inciting the deadly attack on the U. S Capitol last week. The impeachment now goes to the Senate, a trial it's not expected until sometime after Trump leaves office. During yesterday's debate, California Democrat Maxine Waters blasted Trump in support of impeaching again the worst president in the history of the United States. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy acknowledged the president bears responsibility for the attack on the Capitol that says impeachment Will further fanned the flames of partisan division in the U. S. President Trump is saying site lipped about the house impeaching him for a second time. He released a video after the vote, but didn't mention it in the video. He did acknowledge the violence, strongly denouncing it and saying his true supporters would never act that way, whether you are on the right We're on the left. A Democrat. Or Republican. There is never a justification for violence. No excuses. No, except Trump called for peace and said no American should resort to political violence. The president has discussed issuing a self pardon before leaving office on January 20th. But can he WGN news station. National political correspondent Dean Reynolds with Maura Watergate era Justice Department memo argued No 1 may be a judge in his own case. The president cannot pardon himself. Keep in mind. A pardon would apply only to federal cases where he to pardon himself. The president could still be pursued for possible state crimes. Ryan called is a law professor at Michigan State University. If this were to take place wouldn't wind up in the Supreme Court. Absolutely. I think it would here in Illinois and sweeping criminal justice reform bills now awaiting Governor Pritzker's signature. WGN's Eric Wrong, says the bill passed with a slim margin in order to get the bill passed. Supporters remove some of the most controversial parts of it, which included Removing some protections for police officers involved in lawsuits over civil rights violations, and it removed language that would withhold state funds from cities that failed to comply to outfit their officers with body cameras. The bill does create a stronger system of D certifying officers who engage in misconduct. Republican opponents of the bill complained they got the new 700 plus Page bill an hour before debates started. They also argued the elimination of cash bail would make people less safe because more crimes could be committed while someone was out. Supporters of the bill say judges would still have discretion to keep dangerous people locked up. The state's law enforcement coalition, made up of police, unions, chiefs and county sheriffs all opposed the bill. Third Covert 19 vaccine may soon join the two that have already been approved and are being distributed. Johnson and Johnson says it's early Tests on volunteers have shown that it's vaccine generated an immune response in nearly everyone who received it. And side effects were minimal. The company plans to send more data to federal regulators later this month and seek emergency approval shortly thereafter. Here's a closer look at some of the positivity rates in the Chicago area in Chicago and suburban Cook County. It's about 10% and relatively steady. Since the first of the month in DuPage, It's 9.5% cane and will counties it's 12% Can't Kiki It's 6% Lake County, Illinois under 9%. Lake County, Indiana is over 16% and McHenry is at 13% and now a W G and sports. Here's Dave, innit the outcome. Not all that shocking. The Blackhawks knew they would have some rough nights specially going against the NHL's top tier teams that they did last night in Tampa, where the lightning hand of the Hawks of 51 opening night lost the Lightning with goals from five different players. Three in the first period against Hawkes, goaltender Malcolm Suban Dylan Strome, the only goal for the Blackhawks sports is sponsored by point spent a blockbuster trade in the MBA, boosting Brooklyn to the top of the Eastern Conference. Once they have their team intact. James Harden, acquired from Houston in a 14 deal, he joins Kevin Durant at the currently absent Kyrie. Irving is missed five games. For personal reasons. College basketball Ohio State over northwestern 81 71. Despite a career high 25 of the Wildcats chase all Dej, they've dropped four straight. Virginia beat Notre Dame 80 to 68, Illinois at Nebraska to Paul at Georgetown. Both postpone the Bears make it official GM Ryan Pace coach Matt Naggy or getting a chance to straighten things out, including quarterback Chairman George McCaskey, citing the fact the Bears didn't give up in the throes of a six game losing streak and still put it together to win three straight to make the playoffs. And his pro sports big enough for another Rodman. Trinity Rodman, the daughter of former Bull Dennis Rodman, drafted number two overall last night by the Washington Spirit, the National Women's Soccer League draft and the Chicago Red Stars also took a player with some pretty good bloodlines. Madison Haley. From Stanford, the daughter of five time Super Bowl champion Charles Haley. Dave Addict W G M Sport Now the forecast from the Perma CIA weather center periods of light rain throughout the day turning to still later today and this evening. We'll start out with a high near 40, but temperatures likely fall through the day and then cloudy with snow showers possible tonight some accumulation possible low 31. Mainly cloudy with scattered snow showers Possible tomorrow high near 34. It's 32, now widow here 34 at Midway and the lakefront at the two page report. It's 31 in Joliet. It's 33. The wind chill is 26. Your money on W.

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