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Well but she does but that's but your opinion your basic your steady stick is based on the fact that you're surrounded by everything remaining pick i think she loved lord she's ib she looks great or just yeah so for me oh my god now that's not right though that no but that's what happened you know when the when the queen it yeah they get the pump yeah that's what usually is what we're showing that we're not going to say the name because look but what has happened amos she's famous but she has had some silicone or something put some look at them titties oh yeah but no but i'm talking about in her and her hips rat she's had she's had some help i love that cardi b came out and said that she had gone to get oh my god look to almost shell yet cardi b came out and said that she had had some some back alley so free free form silicone someone i think she said that she was working in a strip club at a mess her up no it hasn't mestre let's face looks it looks good that looks calix butte we're talking about this other rack hardy being we're talking about another rapper whose very famous who has had some enhanced kim at not know kim right and who has had some hips put in and some aspirin in yes and it looks that way is totally different yet but i think the the she's maybe had a little filler in the face and i knows i think the is the main work because you know sometimes a nose helps and then it's no sometimes changes i didn't my whole point telling you this was like i didn't recognize her i've been a fan since back in that day did you say hi do you know i was like oh my god like fan girl because i'm actually a really big fan they were you.

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