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Hundred twenty three dollars as well cattle feeders offer. Thirty four hundred seventy hid in central stockyards weekly fed cattle exchange auction of those fifteen hundred. Seventeen eight sold six. Lots from the southern plains. Brought one hundred and twenty dollars. Hundred eight and one locked. A four hundred and fifty seven steers from nebraska. Brought one hundred and twenty four dollars and that was at the midpoint negotiated price rink. Cattle futures on wednesday gave back what they gained in the previous session and then some pressured by the disappointing early cash prices and yet another surge in grain futures prices for instance the front two corn contracts were up fourteen cents and nineteen cents pressure on cattle futures could have also included some positioning ahead of friday's monthly. Catalog feed report as mentioned in calcutta on tuesday. That report will likely show march placement significantly higher than last year. Part of that has to do with anemic placements the previous year as the pandemic to hold however disrupted placements in february this year due to the widespread winter storm and power. Outages will probably add to the tally live. Cattle futures closed an average of ninety. Two cents lower on wednesday from twenty cents. Lower the back to a dollar ninety five lower toward the front fear. Cattle futures closed average of two dollars and twenty nine cents lower across a range of one ninety seven to three dollars and seventeen cents lower choice. Box be cut out. Values t dollars and twenty cents higher wednesday afternoon at two hundred and eighty dollars and forty six hundred weight. Select was at all and forty one higher at two hundred and seventy dollars and eighty eight cents cavs and fear cattle traded mixed but generally steady the lower at the weekly wednesday auctions monitored by kelkar fear steers traded two to five dollars lower at o'casey west in reno oklahoma. The exception was one to three dollars for steers. That could go against the october. Live contract. fear hever soul two to three dollars lower a day earlier. Demand was moderate for a live. Test of steer heifer calves. They're fifty nine hundred and thirty eight head on offer across both days at hub city livestock auction in aberdeen south dakota steers wayne. Seven hundred seven hundred thirty pounds hold steady two three dollars lore steers wayne seven fifty one eight hundred pounds so mostly steady and then two to four dollars lower at eight hundred one two nine hundred and fifty pounds there were instances of update dollars lower for spears wayne. Eight hundred fifty two nine hundred pounds heifers wayne seven fifty eight hundred pounds so mostly two dollars. Lower their thirty nine hundred and forty four hit on offer steers wayne. Seven hundred thousand pounds sold to four dollars higher at winter livestock in dodge city. Were twenty two hundred and ninety five hit steer calves wayne three fifty seven hundred pounds sold steady feeder heifers wayne seven hundred to nine hundred fifty pounds sold steady but africa's why four fifty two seven hundred pounds sold three to five dollars higher steers and heifers sold steady to five dollars lower at hustler stock market in nebraska where most of the decline was for cattle heading straight to the feed lot. There are twenty one hundred and twelve. Hit on offer. Steer heifer castle three to five dollars lower at torrington. Livestock commission wyoming. Where there are two thousand and seventy three hit at kissed livestock man. Dan north dakota fear. Heifers wind six hundred fifty. Two seven hundred pounds sold two dollars lower but a dollar higher at seven hundred the seven hundred and fifty pounds no test on steers there and twelve hundred and forty five hit on offer finally steers wayne. Four hundred fifty two six hundred pounds. Salt steadied three dollars. Higher at saint joseph's stockyards missouri. Were there eleven hundred and ninety eight. The heifers wayne four hundred to five hundred pound sold. Want two dollars higher.

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