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Says nearly two hundred thousand juvenile's into the adult criminal system each year most for nine violent crimes stop school pipeline to prison in two thousand eighteen four hundred thirty nine people shot and killed by police thus far african american males make eight percent of the us population twenty five percent of those four hundred thirty nine people that were shot and killed by police where african american males so this and this is the this is the thing that you know certain why people tend not to understand black people in this country have never asked for special treatment right we've asked for equal treatment how is it that we can make eight percent of the population but twenty five percent of the people shot and q it's crazy how is it that we can make such a small portion of the population but be sixty percent of the criminal of those incarcerated when it's been proven that our white counterparts commit crimes equal to our rate it's a matter of policing where you focus crime in certain areas is less tolerable in less desirable than crime and other areas i used to always say bad if you do a drug ray at you know an inner city high school if you if you go to a locker sweep and you know get all the kids rounded up and check them for illegal drug paraphernalia you may find a couple of things i'm nobody's in denial about that nobody at all is in denial about that if you do the same thing at an affluent suburban predominantly white school those numbers will come out probably significantly higher than that of their black counterparts and the reason is because they feel safe and they have the privilege of feeling safe in that environment to even bring their stuff to school i'll never forget when i was a high school teacher.

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