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To facebook and use the hashtag asked dr gaz because the with up to not have it well i was going to say we have it not be all about me but the reality is i kinda like when it's all about me but i want to talk about this issue of skipping the dr because i think a lot of people do it myself included like i'm guilty and i think there's two different issues here right one is the regular check out like i need to go on a regular basis for whatever these different things are and for some people that's more than others right and then there is the something's bothering me i should probably get a checked out but i don't work so from your purse backed is as somebody who's been in this world for a long time what do you think the main things are that key people from from showing up fear okay i think that's probably the number one concern fear of the unknown and you'll short individuals also procrastinate believe that um a porta hours march ability for temple is to regularly go to the physician at least once or once every year or two year depending on your age of course right ruth each important you just to get a general checkup yeah but at the same token i think you should take a wants to further uh for those individuals of that aren't sure what to eat they should seek the advice of a dietician oor nutritious i prefer them to be integrated in functionally trained because they give a better idea on biochemistry not disrespecting the other nutrition dieticians but it's important understand certain food groups in everybody's individual show i really believe that the number one concern is fear an ambush finances always comes into that plays well yeah but i think fear overtakes up because dinner today most americans can budget seeing a doctor and his whole health care debate all my gosh millions of people and we're going to lose their insurance and blah blah blah blah blah here's the reality the reality is that the affordable healthcare act that was passed now is becoming the on affordable healthcare oh i agree with aca an we have to do who is do better job taken care of those individuals that can't have insurance but what we've.

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