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Be I my sister made a really big name for herself both in high school and in college, so in high school, it was really easy for everyone to just be like, oh that's just actually little sister life. She's going to be great cuz my sister was incredible and so that like helps me paid my way in high school, but then when I got to college it was like yeah, my sister was great, but there are sixty thousand people here not eight hundred people here. And so people some people knew she was she was kind of a big deal. She was pretty cool, but I really had this opportunity to make my own path and so that started with getting involved in my flow. And then I was able to become a counselor and then a chair for my flow. And so I am big on continuity in my organizations. So I like to get in and stick with it. So that's my advice. If you find something and you love it stay in it. Like there's nothing against there's nothing wrong with being a junior and a flow. I did it and I turned out just fine or being a fifth year in a freshman orientation program. Whatever is going to make you happy is where you should be and I don't think anyone should be able to tell you otherwise and so maybe that way you're going to be in the ballroom dance club my one of my second coach here was the president of the ballroom dance club and she loved it me not a great dancer would not side there, but I think it's just about using The experiences that you get to have in college to find what really sets your heart on fire and what really makes you passionate and so like for me that's people and that's why I have stayed in these people centered organizations of like helping people develop a grow so that would be my advice is just finding your Niche and like finding what you love and not being afraid to stay there. Well, that is awesome. Find your Niche find your passions listen to your heart. So with that I actually have a quote for us to end the episode on and this one's by Helen Keller and it's actually very timely with some of the things they were saying so thanks for that. This is the quote is when one door of happiness closes another opens, but we often look so long at the closed-door that we do not see the door that's opened for us. And so I think you talked a lot about that of we were looking at doors of what we couldn't have but then once we realized and she could look down the other paths and saw other people doing it that really showed the light right..

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