Arkansas, Glenn, TIM discussed on Morning Meeting


She was also the first lady she got thereby hanging around builds them while he was a chad bore where she should them i mean there hedge divorce from the white house are heggie split will have an arkansas i mean she she got all of her prestige from him what needs on what she did it was from him i actually i totally disagree i mean i i just i feel is the first of all that as i said i think she's a woman who is far more bad asked than he is i think she actually has a a n ability to call shots and some of them yes have were horrific on the other hand i think that she can run a place like a like an ms i think that she totally you know listening you know you probably don't know most people don't agree most people don't like it must be dealt yet iata i just think it's specially looking at guys who became in big positions of power i don't understand why the first woman to do whatever has to be some sort of pure a you know and is a worse role model for for doing it any way at all i mean if if she yes i suppose if she had falsified all of the votes that i would be upset but it but this way i don't think at all is the same i think that that politics i has has always sort of had you you take the advantages that you get an plenty and plenty and plenty of people have done it and so i don't i don't think that this is a wrong way to calm the first woman nominee i am i do i'm sorry like so there was one time a letter but wh minds glenn was are no tim and she's don't miss deemed by remain bright that's precisely what you said surround baking cookies right and then she was flick had an attitude when the when the visitors would come to the white house to reach the jews which salta the move on camera thing but this you precisely was tammy wynette with those who knows she went on.

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