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You never know we could be reading yours. Live on the air. You hear that. That's the letter. Let's buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you hear it. It's the strawberry letter. Thank you nephew. Subject super sexy. Superfly there stephen shirley i'm forty four years old and i have met the love of my life but it took me three years to get used to him. We met in the mall three years ago on a saturday. I remember the day in full detail. He was wearing a matching short set with knee socks and he had a brim on this. He asked me where the foreshore shoe store was. And i had to google it. Because i never heard of it. He was an older man. So i walked over to the concierge desk with him to see if there is such a store. The concierge said that the store was closed a while ago and this man looked defeated an hour later he walked up to me in the food court and offered to pay for my lunch. We ate and had the best conversation. He's eighteen years older than me so i told him we could only be friends and i'd help him a shop some weekends. We met in the mall a few more times than he finally admitted that he didn't like shopping. He only came to see me. I started meeting him for dinner and he gave me money freely without me asking. I enjoyed hanging out with him two years after we met. He tricked me into having sex after we shared a bottle of wine at dinner and he had to drive me home. He is very well endowed and romance to me all night fast forward to present day and we've fallen in love. He's a super sexy older man but he's also superfly just like the movie character. He won't stop starting his jeans or wearing his matching short of the asked him to take the gold cap off of his side too. But he says it's the fashion statement. My friends call him superfly. And i'm ashamed of him. He proposed and i said yes. But i haven't told anyone. Because i don't want to hear the jokes. Am i being stupid. Should i marry my super sexy superfly old man. Well only you can answer that. But i gotta tell them this though starched crease change. No he's putting the crease down the middle of those jeans. That's not coming back okay. That is not coming back. They were retired back in the eighties or nineties or seventies whenever all right they're not coming back they're not coming back and it's all over for the knee socks. All that that side goal to that is not a fashion statement. So tell pop that no one. Where's forum shoes anymore. Okay you gotta tell them these things and you all need to stop lying and all this trickery you got going on. He didn't like shopping but he pretended like he likes shopping with you. You know he tricked you into heaven. Thanks all of that. Come on now the truth is you love papa and papa loves you okay the white fans you guys just build from that as sixty two. That's how old he is. You said he was eighteen years older than you. I will admit it's going to be a little hard for him to change his pen. Fish ways you know his style anyway his temper style because he's probably set in his ways but depending on how you ask him. He'll probably do it for you and you have to tell him because this marriage is never going to work. If you don't. I mean you're already embarrassed of him. You haven't even told anybody that you guys are engaged or getting ready to get married. And that's no way to start a marriage you've already said yes so there's obviously a lot about him that you do like But the point is marriage is not just about you know great sex and all of that. It's about compromise communication. It's about commitment. And if he's not willing to make some subtle changes for you then that's a good indication of how the marriage will go and you still will be ashamed of him and you won't be happy so meet him back at the mall you all go shopping and pick them out some new clothes then go to the dentist and get back goal to remove. That's all you gotta do all be in love is your love what to go. Let me tell you old dude with to do okay was she saying some of that is correct but is odd. They're hard to get an old plan to change his way. The matching short says does he have the full to- covered sandoz has if he does and he's a true layer from the himalayas. What you need to do is change some things a little bit at a time. You know what i mean like. Give up the nugget watch for just a regular y. You know what i mean. Let's get rid of that gold in your mouth to put a white to. This is a shocked him it will. He will go into complete shock to change ever thing he doing one time. His system can't take that much change. You know what i mean. The need south of he was the wake up. And you have him fully clothed with the you know some van loafers and some short pants would imagine shirt you know and just regular baseball cap you know. And he's lost him nissan. he'd go into plea completes job in my that. You can't do that man like that. You got your change what you got to remove the to pick either mount telling her starts to. I know he got to pick. I noticed i've seen you know. High notice dude does use to be me sue. Pick off and it sucks when he makes thoughts and you just got to work with him. Okay you can't changes play from his the things he does automatically one at it. Take one at it and you'll be all right all right. Well thank you. we have to go. We haven't heard from journey. We haven't heard from the nephew. The subject is super sexy superfly. We'll be back at twenty three minutes after the hour with part two of today's strawberry letter right after this. 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