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That's true that's never caught covered 's burglars like they wore masks did they i'm assuming i just can't believe how the lapd is on top of this it's just the brand deals with just like once a week right should have a better system in place or like no this very ring is also it seems celebrities live in new york sorry seems there's new lingering there's been a lot of lorries recently it's true i think they should go directly to the source alexis night yeah dm her on instagram i just started following her around be like hey lexus this is nancy nancy joe joe this is is so crazy mama's out of control like shit find one nine dollars oh man i wonder if anybody's started watching pretty wild after last week's episode you guys me and jackie before i went before going to get really nervous and like i really think that the best way to channel nerves surpri because there's literally nothing else you could do and i'm just like praying to stopping nervous so when all this is the room we like to a little like hutto but like catholic it's jewish it's just like we just like pray prayer fill and every time we like ended jackie's like and so it is and you know what you did great last night so maybe we had the nyerere's energy with us we understand it i really feel bad for yana me you but i also don't because i'm sure she as all like she's fine everyone signing feel like she's the type of person that has her priorities in order and knows that like material things like she just put out an album and replace everything so sure people say material items have no bearing whatever their brains.

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