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Jeff your podcast must-listen for the hockey world. Thank you, sir. Smart guy. Your recent good taste your recent comments about not belonging in the quote hockey night in Canada universe reminded me of a story when I was playing with the jets it was around ninety two or ninety three. And surprisingly to me. I was told I'd be interviewed during the intermission. I was excited very nervous as I was entering the interview room someone from the jets told me to give them the H NFC towel after my interview. So they could have it in clear and precise language. Told them. I am keeping the towel as I doubt. I would ever get asked again, which I wasn't and to ask another guy. Still proudly have the towel in my possession. All the best Luchino. Winnipeg Jets one point oh to that end hockey night in Canada on Saturday. You got to wear it. You were part of a historic Nate. You're part of a beautiful night. I loved everything from stem to stern from Belda bell. Everything about Saturday was greats highlight from selfishly from my little purge as a host was Ron, and Dave and that conversation. I could feel vividly remember my hockey night in Canada debut at the age of twenty six in vape leaf gardens, and so the personal pleasure. And on behalf of everybody at hockey night in Canada to welcome a twenty six year old Ron MacLean sitting in an old seat at the garden. Ron welcome aboard. Thank you, David. Let me tell you keep the seat warm for you. I know you will be here. Still from time to time with you. And Sharon and the kids all the best and setting up your new home in Vancouver..

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