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A hell of a game and i would argue yes the greatest game ever played so here's my reasoning look the falcons had a huge lead at the end of uh in the big middle and towards the end of last year super bowl and the patriots at one of the greatest comebacks you've ever seen patriots have done some of those most stunning upsets and have suffered some of the most stunning upsets in super bowl history but those were onesided affairs the falcons did everything right in the first half the patriots that everything right in the second half in this game both teams it certainly offense of we but i could make an argument that that that the offense is just overwhelmed otherwise good defenses played spectacularly throughout it was only one punting a game that's unbelievable beagles punted once and that's it the patriots never punted and and that is relevant to the story because the most important part was it was a title fight from round one all the way to the end punch after punch it was ali frazier and neither side relented they blow both played like champions over 1100 yard so wrong and game nick falls along the best qb performances ever in a super bowl he's in the top six in terms of qbe rating but i he went beyond that it was spectacularly clutch not only throwing for touchdowns but obviously famously now catching a touchdown pass as well and do i have to bother saying that was the best performance by a backup quarterback in super bowl history of cars it was one of the best performance.

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