Rhonda Fleming, '40s and '50s movie star, dead at 97


Golden age actress Rhonda Fleming as Died Fox's sell June Grasso reports in Hollywood looks count. But for Rhonda Fleming, she says her stunning Wilkes worked against her when caller arrived in the movies and Nineteen Ninety interview. There was suddenly all this attention on how I look rather than the roles I was playing. She said those roles had our co starring with Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Charlton Heston, and Ronald Reagan. In the nineteen forties and fifties, her birth name was Marilyn Lewis and raised in Los Angeles, and she was reportedly discovered when headed to class Beverly Hills high school a man followed her in a big black car and said, you Oughta be in pictures a letter turned up at her home and offered to be your agent legend or not at nineteen. Lewis was awarded a six month contract with David O Sales Nick Studio at A. New Name Rhonda Fleming. Now dead at age ninety, seven in Santa Monica California salary and Bresso Fox

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