Lake ST Louis Police, Holloway And Lake ST discussed on Total Information PM


Just saw a tweet from Lake ST Louis Police. They are saying there is a school bus accident. And that is that Lake ST Louis Boulevard at Holloway, They are asking that you please avoid that area. Looking it up. Now I see that camera V is reporting that there were injuries in this. So please avoid Lake ST Louis Boulevard and Holloway. It was a school bus involved in an accident. Now elsewhere today we've got a jam on south bound to 70. There was an accident involving a tractor trailer off the roadway, and it has been blocking the right lane The left lane. They clear the accident there. Between the right lane being blocked in the left lane being blocked for a while. We've gotta jam that goes back to big Ben. So just a mess on South bound to 70 headed for 55. Now we still have an accident, causing a delay of north. This is westbound to 70 near Live black truck of semi went into the median. They've got that back on the highway. But the left lane is blocked it We've gotta jam back across the chain of rocks, Bridge and others in that well, it's not too bad, with the exception of westbound 70 a little bit slow as you head towards Salisbury because of a stall reported there. I'm suit Thomas with traffic. It's for 26 at 97 1. So unlike some of my live endorsement clients, every single person out there not only can use Brooklyn

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