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Mentioned Charles Haley. One of your top five players he ever coached. You wanna give us a couple more of your top five guys. You don't have to ranking order. Yeah, you can order Brown, you know, unfortunately, passed away in a car. But I think clearly he would have been pro football fame candidates. I mean, he was a freak. I mean, he could. He was one of the most dominating guys on the collegiate level that literally from a defensive line standpoint that could take the game over him, and he was kind of a version of like JJ watts is at the Houston Texans that if he's on fire you, you're not moving the ball. And I mean he just dominated teams like Oklahoma and Penn State in the west Virginian Florida for state. I mean, he would be their biggest nightmare. You know he was one of them. You know, Ed Reed was spectacular. I mean, it had his much football instincts as maybe anybody that I've ever been around. I mean, he just literally, I mean, before they broke the huddle, it's almost like they told him what the play was that from formations and motions and free snap reads. I mean, he was just a phenomenal playmaker. He was, he's one of those guys. We already talked about Robert Quinn. You know, his ability is is a pass rusher and stuff at North Carolina. He was. He was. Spectacular. Reggie Wayne, you know, I mean, almost is cently. I mean, you knew he was going to have great success on the collegiate level. But you know, in the in the national football, they just from the standpoint that his route running, he was smooth a silk in and out of breaks, and he could break your ankles and and had varied hands, and he was tough and physical, and you know, so those. I mean, I've been blessed. I mean, there's just an awful lot of guys. We that have three shows to go through all the guys that who were unique and special. Yeah, it's crazy. It's it's, it is crazy. Look at those. I definitely tell people if you're if you're two thousand two thousand one, Miami hurricanes. Look up that roster and just be odd. Yeah, somebody told me that in that picture that we had, I think it was like ninety seven guys in the picture and like maybe eighty..

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