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When you don't WanNa, you don't WanNa get him throwing or getting into a routine or any kind of a regimen that's bucking that in a in a way that's INC that's moving it up moving back is one thing moving it up as a very different thing. So I don't want them. Is this the week we finally see dig Arsia and or Clark Schmidt? We'll Garcia on the forty. So Yup, high much higher chance there then because of that. So unless they make a move which I hope they do they should they really should they need to they need to? do it based on what's happening this year based on? You know even trying to go for it. Look I think if they don't make this Clark Schmidt move and they keep postponing and delaying delaying delaying. I mean everybody knows right now what it's about. They're just they're. They're putting their cards on the table and showing their hand. Yeah. This is about service time. This is not about winning Ball Games two thousand and twenty does not matter. Well we saw the braves call up Anderson who was their top pitching prospect saying we don't care about service time even though our rotation is in shambles just like the Yankees and we're gonNA throw the kid out there and they were awarded with with a six inning. Performance of just a one hit. Yeah I mean it was a no hitter without a void homerun was he was he was making them look dumb the change up made him dumb on multiple occasions and I'm not saying that's what Clark Schmitz GonNa do. Don't you WANNA see Clark Schmidt Yeah I just want to watch him pitch I WANNA I wanNA I. Want the Yankees to put their best possible players out on the field so that we can watch the best possible guys play baseball on my team. That's is that too much to ask for I don't think it's a lot. It's a lot to ask were put the best guys if your organization on the field to play. If if Cole Tanaka Paxton Montgomery and then someone in the fifth spot we're all going well I. Get it. What like why? Why Rush Clark Schmidt if you've got four or five starters going well, but that's not what they half So. So why you didn't get around why do we care about service time anymore about with with any of these players I do you do does it ever you asking me or you just send general just in general just talking to his money it's money I know it's been you even said it. Does. Not Matter as much. So we're going to start this service time clock for a season. We don't even really give about. Let me get to my point. Did Severino, Did, it did it affect a would it have affected severino because they? They bought out the last two years last year of his arbitration it my point is, is that when you're getting? Nit, picky about the service time and you're talking about arbitration in. The later years of arbitration. What are we doing? What are we doing you to get to that point you to get to that point for that to happen what show me show me where the Yankees have actually taken advantage of pitcher that's been so good and their organization we've been so good. This guy has been the dominant dominant guy that they wanna control however long and then service time became you know such an integral part of them being able to keep this guy for an extra on the field productive helping the Yankees try to win a title. Tell me when that happened. Well, you know what happened with Whitey, Ford? Back. I'm just kidding an arbitration with not a thing, the the. Talking about like what's going to happen in five years for years and?.

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