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In you right off the sunset if you believe that tired smith is coming back to be as good as he. Was you go kaleb farley because you have no cornerbacks on your team. That are worth mentioning. So it's just all of internal evaluation of what's going to happen. Egg running the team lead on the position that you that you're having to replace the board poured position that has a guy that's proven to be hurt time and time again i will take your sean slater. Worst case scenario. You can play him at guard or center. If tyron smith does come back and is able to go with the tenth pick in the two thousand twenty one. Nfl draft dallas cowboys. Select ray sean slater. The offense tackle out of northwestern opted out of the twenty twenty season. Go watch him a chase young. You will be impressed. Pick number eleven. The new york giants A lot of a lot of Needs out there. They could go. They could go off ball linebacker they could go wide receiver. They could really. I mean trying to help try to help daniel jones. Here i think is a bad move. Devante smith still on the board. Eleven i believe is where the no the first receiver went off the board last year. I don't know i. I don't know if i hate. The idea of getting devante smith in the mixed diet can come on covered quick. I mean here's my thing. And i'm gonna say this about devante smell. I know where this is. I'm going to say this about devante smith now that we went to the senior bowl davante smith was there. He was standing on the sidelines. We got to look at that man. That man is thin. I realize he wasn't wearing pads or anything like that. But walking around next to the the rest of these receivers the rest of these players. That are on the sideline. He looked tiny. He did not weigh in at the senior bowl because he was afraid that that was going to be a talking point. There are too many. Gm's in this league that are way too hung up on measurable. Ask decay metcalf about that sometime. I mean devante. Smith is going to have a lot of gm's that are turned off by the fact that he ways that much especially the giants. So if i that's not a bad s not bad that this would be a very gettleman is would be a very gentleman. Anti-gang getaway would be lashed. Gm to go for the body. Type that demont smith and we all know what the most the most gilman take his right. Who's at can't michael. Parsons yeah. It's definitely mike parsons. And that's what i was gonna say. Their linebackers are awful. Michael parsons is a freak athlete at the linebacker position. They need help there. So i ain't blue chip player blue-chip player. I would make the argument for mike. Parsons there'd be quickly pay for essentially the same reasons of freak athlete. Huge need top ten type talent. But i find either way. You can pick whichever one i think. I i think gettleman likes michael. Parsons tape better than quality pace. Two thousand and twenty one. Nfl draft with the eleventh. Pick the new york. Giants like mike. Parsons the linebacker. Out of penn state pick twelve the san francisco forty niners. I mean there's a lot there's a lot of places the tot two cornerbacks are off the board. There's offense lineman galore. Here's an off the beaten path. One and i. I like this one for them. Elijah vera tucker. A guy with he might be a tackle. I think you could play tackle. I think he might be. I mean you could be really really really good interior player. He's undoubtedly a best five. I'm a big fan of his mattie. Talk me out of elijah. Vera tucker. It's a little bit early talk. Be out of them. Well the forty niners might be needing to replace richard sherman. They don't have a lot of depth at cornerback. I've no they got some good play out of jason garrett last year but how many times have we anticipate that man. Playing sixteen games going forward at this point. in time i see caitlin farley. Still sitting there see a very. He is still owned very athletic. Corner that if they want to continue to play that cover three type stuff would make a lot of sense to me with his ball skills and lengthy outside. I thought we thought we were to get rid of cable farley. You're right twenty twelve twenty. Twenty twenty one. Nfl draft san francisco. Forty niners take. Caleb party farley. The cornerback out of virginia tech freak of nature uber athletic very promising. Cover skills all right. Los angeles chargers picking thirteen. I feel like they gotta go off of linemen. I don't love the tackles the rest of the tackles. I don't think this early in this group. But i i think you got to address. Tackle your creek. I think so too. I don't hate samuel caused me out of texas. I think he's a good player. I do think it's a little bit early for him. But i also think that if they don't address it here they're going to be fairly safely dealing with the bottom of the second tier of tackles the next time that they come around. I think this is just kind of a a weighing the cost. And what you're going to see the next time around and just taking. Maybe the top of that second tier in sam caused me rather than taking the bottom of that second tier in you. Know maybe like a deliberations or james hudson or something like that and round two. I would argue for cost me. What do you think that looking at the charges. I think that offense of tackle is probably where. I'm living right now. If you had one of those corners sitting there still left around the lakes just took kenneth moore last year so i can't even suggest a linebacker i think so. I think offense tackles the way to go. If the chargers routine that were valued a little bit more physicality out of their offensive line. I can make a case for krish dare saw here. I really could given the way. The chargers look to be going with justin herbert with those weapons. I would just give me the guy that i think is the most kind of polished and best suited the translate as the past protected the next level. I think that's caused me out of the tackles that are left. Go ahead get your guy. Get your choice of this position so you don't have to take the leftovers around to all right. Angeles chargers picked thirteen twenty twenty one nfl draft..

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