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In college enrollment. This fall one speculation as many students are holding off waiting to hear whether their preferred college will offer in person instruction next semester. And finally our lily bulky tells us a cohort of white people of means are transfer wealth to black lead food and land organizations across the nation as a form of reparations and restored justice at the detroit black community food security network executive director maliki akini says a white woman from california called last year saying she wanted a sizeable portion of her inheritance to go to the organization. You kini recalls. She felt there was some lack of justice and how the money was acquired and she wanted to redirect it into the community one of the fundamental reasons that black brown and indigenous communities suffer food. Insecurity is because of of land one of the things that gives the community. The ability to feed itself is having access to land. You know to grow and produce food. According to recent data wait people. Oh ninety eight percent of us farmland though many black americans have deep roots in farming. The story was produced with original reporting for ruth. Terry for yes media. This is my clifford for public. New service member allaster.

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