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He was that good and that impressive. And I was like I'm sold on the it. It is incredible. It's funny. He is shooting like thirty one percent. He is oh for everything from three so far this year. And he looks awesome. He looks amazing. And he was in that clippers game last night. I mean, he was in. Oh, Williams jersey. He was in shape. You'll just Alexandra jersey. And he started the game guarding Tobias Harris for exactly the reason you're talking about and he did fine. Like, one of the great I'm knocking on everything in the room. One of the great pleasures of the last two seasons has been a healthy, and you know, past the situation with his wife. So the family situation is okay. He's emotionally findings calm drew holiday because. Because he is a great great player and he played eighty one games last year. He's healthy. Now, he he had even though he's not shooting. Well, that's gonna come. He just looks fantastic. I dig like the headband bandanna he's guy in grew as braids out longer. I was like I don't like that look. And then it was when they zoomed in on him. I was like us just abandoned the people are between heaven Kyrie the bandana thing this year interesting. Yeah. It's just gonna come down to what they get out of Peyton any twelve more who's just rock solid in the Miller hill. The three bigs are really good holidays. Really good like it's just gonna come down to what they get out of the other guys. But I had them in the playoffs. They were one of my eight playoff teams. I was not as high on them as you. And now, I think although it's only been three games. I think they're even better than I thought I think they could be a four seat or higher. I could maybe be three seats even what has happened to the thunder. Oh boy. And it's not that their own three were overactive. One one of the games without Russ. Now when Sacramento comes in your building, and that was only that's cause for concern. But they're just they're they are just short on guys. They just don't have guys. You know, they've got to stars one. Really good non starring Stephen Adams. And then a whole bunch of like, oh, a whole bunch of like is Patrick Catterson washed up reminds me of a lot of the old thunder teams where they've got all this athletic system, all this athleticism and no shooting. I mean, I, you know, and obviously guys they're going to have an I think you pose the question who's their fourth most reliable player, and I chose the word reliable carefully. Not their fourth best player. No just Schreuder is probably their fourth rice player. Do I trust? Dennis Schroder in a playoff game, though. He's had very good ones including in that Washington series. A couple of seasons. Right him playing next to us at a fun game to play all season and only been one game. So do not jump to any conclusions. Do not assume I am jumping into conclusion. A fun game to play is going to be when Schreuder and Westbrook or in the game watch Westbrook. When he doesn't have the ball because that's going to be a litmus test of is that is that gonna be anything is that pairing going to be anything. Because if he does what he always does when he does the ball, which is nothing than the upper bound on what that team can build offensively is a little lower than you will. I there's a couple things that I kind of look at for what threshold they reach and how what heights they reach. I mean, we had to fill out our, you know, our predictions for the season and kind of like who's going to win this award. I think I picked Davis for him VP Jaanus for defensive player of the year. And we pick the opposite. I if I saw that. Yeah. And I and then I think I might have been the only person that picks Schreuder for for six man if he were to do that. And he were to mesh okay with Westbrook because they're going to play those two together for sure you're going to have to you're not making a lot of choice. You're not making enough use of shooter. If you don't do that, especially with the medicine Russell's gonna log once he's totally back and healthy..

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