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President Trump, Syria, Mike Lion discussed on All Things Legal with Nicaud and Sunseri


State visit despite publish reports to the contrary the president has phone may he does not want to proceed with a state visit to britain until the british public support is coming isis has lost ground in syria us backed syrian fighters captured their first western district of the isis controlled city of rock cbs news military consulting mike lion says the better weaponry has made headway a inside rocco in the last few months the united states has given to the militia forces that we support better equipment than isis currently has as well as equipment that isis has has now been worn down over the three years of fighting french voters were choosing legislators in the first round of parliamentary elections today by mid day the turnout was estimated a twenty percent many who voted micron for president said they were doing so to keep farright leader marine le pen out and promised they would vote against macro these polls but after less than a month in power michael has made his mark both at home and abroad and the french say they're ready to give him a chance cbs's helene cobb in paris talk about terror ended up grounding a commercial flight bound for london cbs's larry miller german police are questioning three british men after their easyjet flight to london was diverted to cologne the pilot was concerned after a conversation with terrorists content was overheard after landing police destroyed a backpack belonging to one of the men but no explosives were found the spokesman says police want to know if the men were planning an attack or whether there's an innocent explanation for the conversation larry miller cbs news london when i grow recalling more than seven hundred thousand pounds of chef boy r d spaghetti emeap all products due.

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President Trump, Syria, Mike Lion discussed on All Things Legal with Nicaud and Sunseri

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