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Govern this great nation. So super misleading because those were years ago. Quotes and they make it sound or maybe looked like the. He said recently he hasn't. but the Biden stuff I. don't even I don't know where that's coming from. She loves Biden for some reason. Wow, asked Tara Reid if she thinks that. Is the greatest man God ever created Yeah Yeah Oh. That's amazing stuff. And is certainly helpful for the president now. Does anybody care what Lindsey Graham things? Probably not no. Do Anyway Democrats might be swayed by that. Maybe some independence, but I don't care what Lindsey Graham thinks about Donald Trump. Lindsey Graham Moron. We all know that he's been a slightly less of a more on lately than he was before. But, he's still well said more, so he's less of a moron. Slightly less. that. He was in the past, but that's not saying much. You know because he was a really big moron boy Lindsey. We used to have that thing I. Don't know if I still do. Let me see if we still have you're going to do this and. Brought this this. This was one of the things. Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war, yeah! The other one we used to play is. Something like I'm clueless. Oh. Yeah, that's clueless, but I. Think we deleted data because. His Lindsey why because Lizzie grams relevant and we never talk about him? Until now. I remember that he is like I'm king of the phone. Call people. Call me all the time and tell me how bad I'm doing my job that. Why do they keep reelecting him? That's a really what he was talking about. In. That context is how he was so upset that people how dare his constituents call his office and tell him don't vote for the Wall Street bailout. That's what that was. Well. Anyway Asian Graham knows better than you. It doesn't care and Lindsey Graham. Again, slightly less of a moron right now than he has been in the past, but still a moron on the less. Okay so shouldn't worry about it I. Guess and again no one's concentrating on the campaign right now. Nobody even though we're just. What are we five months away from the election? Holy Cow. Think about that. Yeah four and a half months away from the general election. It's a presidential election. Nobody's even talking about it. Nobody's talking about the upcoming. Conventions, nobody's talking about whether or not. We're GONNA. Do debates between trump and Biden? Nobody's talking about how senile by news right now it's just. This is a great time really for Biden. And when he starts having to defend himself and talk about his policies, then you're going to see people waking up and saying. While! This guy is is not Not The one. This is not the guy know. Maybe this'll be the first. Presidential election season where we have three vice presidential debates in only one presidential debate tm flipped maybe. I think I think it debate between Biden and trump would be really fun though. Can you imagine the fireworks going on there? Well, that's a UFC matches, yes! That is a brass knuckles. Yes, I to to. Pass out is is the loser because those guys I think they'd go at. It physically want to hurt each other. Yeah? I think so well. Biden is threatened to take him up behind the school or something. He's been very threatening. Yes, like he's GonNa. Take him back. Behind some building and beat him up. Okay, Alright bye-bye! That guy, though he's such as he is a hot air. It'll be interesting to see. Once this does heat up in the fall. Because eventually it has to write eventually we've got. I don't know it's twenty we have to. On the campaign eventually. I mean certainly by October. I think. Man I don't know speaking of the fall. Just saw the NCWA. Approved six week preseason for. For All College football teams, so if they start the first week of September, they can start July. I don't twenty four th or something with their with their K- camp. They're talking about the camp coming up next month like like it's going to happen and. What a doctor felt she say though. I ordered go. Had, Gray. Welcome to. Triple Eight, nine, hundred, thirty, three, ninety three. And.

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