What happens if we don't get a vaccine? This is what 'COVID normal' looks like



Now no minute pretty much every press conference and in lots of news coverage, keep hearing this term covert normal as if as if we all know what that even means, but it's not normal right? It's not abnormal that we used to know how meant to understand what's meant by the term covid normal covered normal at the moment depends on where you live in Australia. So covered normal in Victoria as we speak is really quite a severe lockdown even with restrictions lifted covered normal in New South Wales is You know it's not quite normal life but the you know indoor activities restricted there's no compulsory mask-wearing, but there are outbreaks. State is on a bit of age. Covered normal everywhere else in Australia is getting back to almost normal life which actually puts them at risk of covid nineteen should be. Deposited into their state for some reason. Well, that's not really normal. Though is it because normal life included overseas travel and that's something that seems to be off the table indefinitely and we've had a question for one about audience members about this. What is the endgame? For Ustralia not just the states? What does the next year look like if we don't get vaccine or the vaccine that does come isn't isn't effective enough at first well, in states like new. South. Wales and Victoria covered normal if you like the end game. Assuming that the virus continues to circulate is that we don't circuit quite as much. So it's not locked on. It's just that we don't get into circumstances where a lot of people are mixing indoors, consp-, read the virus. So we're GONNA fewer contacts on a daily basis to reduce the chances of picking up the virus or spreading the virus. Covered normal, but it's not a lockdown. It's just that you to be careful. Now the question you raise a good one, but let's talk about internal borders. So what happens if you lift the border restrictions across? Australia, when the still virus in New South Wales Victoria, well, there's not much virus. So the risk of spread to those states is low but shoot actually it sprayed. Does that mean that automatically West trillions and south Australians queenslanders means etc.. Territories that they have to change their behavior and they've got to restrict how they do things by going indoors and live in a different way. and Professor James McCall, University of Melbourne argues that they don't that in fact, they're covered normal in states with Novartis circulating with Borders Darn is actually the way people are living at the moment, but there's gotta be a heightened alert to the possibility that the virus could come in. So people have got to be aware of symptoms get tested and that the public health systems go onto it in terms of getting on top of testing and contact tracing and that the if you like the protection so that you can reach retain the behavior in those states that you've got at the moment. So news wasn't Toria a degree of social distancing but not. Too drastic but in other states, you can continue the way you're going as long as you're prepared to come forward for testing in large numbers and the systems prepared to pick that up and the an example James quoted was the spread from Melbourne to kill more. So Regional Victoria said, very little corona virus people are getting back to normal much faster. But in fact, the State got on top of the coolmore outbreak and indeed the shepherd and outbreak very very quickly and go to under control without rural and regional victorians having to change their behavior they are covered normal if you like. So this is good news moving forward is that you could. Lower the borders have much freer flow of people and that the compromise for people in the states with Navarro spread at the moment is just ready to come forward for tasting and the systems got ready to respond, which is a small price to pay for tourism and families getting back together again,

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