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Keep it buck with me. You know the limitation to the amount of space. You have like it's stuck in the front portion. I can't go back for the second space. If i'm coming to an event where y'all will say that's off limits and that's almost the best part That's just me being honest. And i want you to be honest. I want you because the front space. Yes if i can cater this to my liking and can do this w- and make this my world. Yes that's beautiful but you know the backspace. There's already that wall that has the lighting and everything. It would be smart to make to be able to use that interesting. Like like the dreams of triumphing one of the things that made it fun in like fun to be part of was there was a photo booth situation people coming up to that and interacting and doing their thing and there was a girl who was printing polaroid's on the spot. So you come to her. She have your little. Polls you do your little thanks. She takes photo just printed up and hannity get experience extra. Okay actually tip of the hat. But that's like a condemnation. Anything i i guess. I'm just curious. I'm just seeing. I see a lot of black brands in the city doing pop ups in jason places but not. I don't see a lot of people. Just come into knock on the on the door. And i mean like for example in both those situations. Yeah those are personal relationships that now stand to benefit me in this moment so like chris. Cardi has a good relationship with lauren. Who manages the spot and then same thing applies to berlin chadwick who's also known and prominent figures. So if he's giving you the space to do something even if you had if you if you thought of somewhere else this may soon be better to do it here. Because i noticed guy okay relationships everything interesting.

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