President Trump, Hurricane Florence, Bob Woodward discussed on Barsky Radio


Hurricane Florence is also moving a little faster, traveling west at thirteen miles per hour. While Florence is a major hurricane continuing strengthen forecasters are watching to other hurricanes further out in the Atlantic. Neither currently threatening any land areas Isaac is holding steady and strength as a category. One hurricane over the central Atlantic. Helene is quickly. Strengthening over the eastern Atlantic is now a category two storm. We'll talk winds of one hundred five miles an hour and is forecast to become a major hurricane by tonight. President Trump continues as attacks on Bob Woodward's new book. Trump tweeted this morning. The famed Watergate reporter is a liar. Woodward's new book about Trump is being released this week. Trump says Woodward is like a democratic operative, and he cited the proximity of November's midterm elections. First lady, Melania Trump and President Trump will both. Visit the flight ninety three national memorial in Shanksville Pennsylvania tomorrow on the seventeenth anniversary of the eleven attacks the mobile a tribute to those who perished when passengers helped bring down. A hijacked airliner that was thought to be aimed at Washington DC. They're all Carl's for cardinal Donald world to resign by a highly visible member of Washington's Catholic clergy and a letter written to world and published online Saturday deacon James Garcia said he could no longer in good conscience. Assist. Him in any mass world was recently named in Pennsylvania. Grand jury report that detailed alleged child abuse committed in the state by more than three hundred priests to tennis governing bodies are backing Serena Williams claims of sexism and the way the empire treated her during the women's final at the US open over the weekend, Women's Tennis Association, chief executive said in a statement, the empire showed less tolerance for Williams. Emotional outburst than male players are allowed the United States Tennis Association, which runs the US open issued a statement praising Williams for her class and sportsmanship..

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