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I mean even obviously a win and money jackie than i was with you and she had no blueberry detox yet i win she did i win it would take like she would win everybody would get their money and they start deal not more cars nici go yossi figure it out it took her that long to figure out into her money not allowed what it was still or i'd like jackie you sit next mira i'd look at her and i naturally he got twenty one she'd well you know we we go i got the money aca minorities i won monies ellen young blackjack like four times yes yes it was an ailing we'd have knowing that one time she yeah well there was a lot of card that hair to make that because she kept on whenever i would've loved way one she wanted seafood applicable yeah schick said yet another one sugar she already had like a cards out there to get that 21 here know she said gay give me another one as well whoa whoa adequate three cards before that but see what that would have got me it wouldn't have got me 21 you'll also noballs i probably still would warn because of dealer probably busted it was honestly i've i try to play a little bit of jack black jack every time i go out there and that was probably the finest time i've ever had i mean because everybody was role and we were all it was all of us at the table there was nobody else like if there would have been anybody who really plays a really knows jazz it down at that table they would a fucking hated us is you know because they're they're serious i mean the people here said hours and brought it injures in shit you can shut down with some fuck and people who yeah no you're the exception to the rule rush on the whole thank blackjack gangs are feel liars affiliates complement anything the it says never do this is what you were doing and you were winning so those fuck and people would have been man it would be argued it just like your everything open light.

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