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It had a massive PR disaster and they had massive fine so yeah cussing level money one or two hundred points here. I want to say we found some challenges in organizations becoming more digitally enables. Let's say under report showed. I found this fascinating that just under fifty percent for me out of the metrics said that problem. People management about fifty percent of the challenges were related to people and management as opposed to technology. I think that's a very high number so I think it is related back to some of the comments that you've made about the challenges with people will detect is there as Peter said the industrialization of. It is very rampant in your experiences. Very quickly do you see that as well. We're having being a big people management problem now not to go into what we're going to do for next year is to try to identify what those problems are a bit more specifically but overall. I thought that was a that was a change whereas previous years it would have been. The technology is the problem. It's very complex very expensive. It's it's it's very difficult. We've all seen the seems. More people management I think even management but understanding how to manage people to cloud the cloud it is the Democrat is it in that and descends. That it's no longer expensive to spin up. Whatever service you wish and if I frame it in a in a positive way is that for some of the workshops I deliver the biggest bang for the buck and company seems to be to align the the the workforce around a common understanding of cloud as a concept and that enables their teams to to actually start talking about cloud in a more effective way because everyone and his brother has a piece of the puzzle? Already you just have to assume that in every company there's a ton of untapped potential even for change and the biggest challenge in the cloud and digitization era is to to get to this new level of understanding that the cloud as a ecosystem of connected services most of which are not run. Run by you. And that's the job of everyone is to extend to let go of the stuff that somebody else can do. Better but then take on that service to the benefit of our own company in which that company is unique will be unique and it it does require and actually essential to to to utilize the understanding dad. People that were already worked there and to to Leverage cloud capabilities. Let these two to advance the company. But just don't get let go of somewhat your old control so that you can Spend time on the new control. I like that we we do have to let go of talk me. We do have to let somebody else looking after. It doesn't mean we're not important. I think it means we're more important to find Ah gives us a chance to go up what I call the value ladder in the organization it's not it it it's it doing business few of it okay. One final thing to fish on the over the weekend has just this weekend. I read two separate reports. I came away. I report says that there is a large global skill shortage in it. Would you agree with that or disagree that first of all so do we have a skill shortage today and where might that be or are we adequately skilled in the IT sector much. You think Ed's Brian. Do you have any view from Gordon. Deal yes. I think there is skilled shoulder. Chad within the law of talk show on Cyber Security is definitely shaw. Common as find Emma. Find that we're not getting low of skill they're sabre professionals coming through in order to protect the systems uh-huh and also as well with things plywood now Seems to be a bit of a backing off thing into the cloud will solve all problems. The nationals at this point here and go by everybody should be a everybody should know about this. The Senate Neato so with lightning. We'll get a massive uptick on cyber courses now include courses. That seems to be our biggest Margaret Lowrie mentioned before very long survey structure hardware so the es because of the changing technologies. We're saying that Yuri. And yes. You're yeah of course in favour all the nontechnical trainings which Takeoff going into technology training. I think real large adoption of the platform as services and the underestimated value. That is this wooden containers referred medalists. The container as a service as a synonym service and that's really has a promise of of being game changing. It's so when you compare to infrastructure as a service on the dependency that did you have on the data layer on the infrastructure layer it can be mitigated by reinventing redefining software and using platforms. So when you're looking at platform as a service containerization containers whether it's cooper notice or well all the other is out there in Dakar car. They are really going to make change in the it landscape therefore in training that's my idea from an IT skills. Gaps there Peter Very briefly from yourself as skills gap began. You're in education in Mali. Different layers you seeing a big wide gaps there or even even from from the Netherlands. All the interesting thing is that We have A high High paying jobs around here not like In the or outsource incumbent countries whenever I talk to somebody in the country and says hey I have a part time job at a university there I I recall is always going to get one kinda got somewhere your students fantastic and say you. Your students will be able to put the extra premium on their their price say their appeal engine words Cybersecurity Inc Lauderdale can get some of. Your students. Doesn't nothing Gary Gary Dan in your parts of the world down under there What's it like from a skills perspective in the it? Shortage or plenty twenty of. I think the fact Australia paid to import me from the UK with my kind of suggest there is. There is something something of a skills shortage but I I don't I don't I get on my host about this little bit. Because when we say skills shortage we tend to think of people oh there is a requirement from people that the you know. The marketing strategy doesn't need more cybersecurity experts but for me talk about skills gaps in skills shortages as not just about net new people entering the industry. It's also about taking that person may the network. CNA The guy. He's been managing the the new fifty million years in a cave. It's about providing in those individuals with the skills that they need to be relevant today so he's taking those guys on that journey as well as bringing in New People. Yeah I think it goes back to one one of our earlier pints there debility acquire skills but also the ability for the organization to support the learning perspective. There's I report to read two weeks ago I read a lot of reports. He can tell it was based in Ireland's and they found that fifty three percents of people were paying for their own tech Tech Horses ammos employers. Weren't I thought this is madness. We have a skill shortage chair. Not just people in in numbers in what up to people we have can-do surely the employers should be part of this Lucien early employer again. You don't know what you don't know we've got under fifty eighty two hundred clouds obstacles. Maybe more the several thousand adding somebody who can create that content can understand more cloud. Tell me what does he want to do. Tell me what you're thinking is okay in order to complete. That journey has where you start going to end. Because he's going to change because together but at least let me and that's where organizations is Asians. Coming in the future is no longer a into service has a cervical. Let me understand that you want to be an XYZ cloud archetype the cyber security guru. Let's to start you on the journey. Oh you know nothing. Let's do some network plus some cloud plus absolutely nothing. Let's read a book you know Sultan and Komo Solutions. Yeah I think keeping their was learning pats now to like with all this cloud just just clicks together into operates. I think we need to do that. Now focused one final thing to leave you with an found another thing in a fish that from a report reported total. Let's do the weekend you know puts me to sleep. This one said I have very very big. Words was technology is not lot the problem today. Would you agree or disagree. We'll we'll end on this phone. Your in we'll start at the top. Technology is not the problem but definitely the people I people in practices outside the IT department that needs straggled changes fantastic radical change here. We're burning downtown. Bryan technology is not the problem. What do you say? Technology is just tools that people that use the tools that are the problem or the challenge again but the technology is not the problem. The Essay Peter. Well Technology is the way that we all ride and we should learn how to a ride that wave. That's really the challenge and especially these part of the world. We need to ride that wave with with teams of people who are who can who can work like like masterminds fantastic in Gary final words. You there you. I'm going to ask technologies problem. Found Final GonNa Finish with a metaphor. That seems only right. If I I think it's the orchestra I think if you think of technologies all the instruments that make up an orchestra if we put all those instruments in a room we're not GONNA get new. I with them very quickly unless she got the skills to you know basically pick up the fenland. Whatever you do with the fiddle to pick up the trumpet and blow never going to achieve so you know? Technology is not the problem so it's understanding what you can do with it and how to fly that technology. That's fantastic gonNA leave on those fine words. Gentlemen thank you so much for joining us today on in this session of talks big. Thank you to urine Brian. Peter and Gary will today's session. Thank you for joining. And we'll talk again soon. Zoom.

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