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Peter found out about with the flopping C. F. O. added it was mystifying I mentioned a few moments ago about Beverly that being basically the only flop or who was been fined and only maybe one flopping so far in the NBA you don't see it like use to see it almost in every single game what is many guys doing it is possible to draw a charge in the league for everyone knew from flopping but you have to think and feel and imagine that the the league was very indifferent and not going to do anything about flopping because it does have favored the offense of player and harden all the time leaning in with no contact at all would draw from three point territory I got a four point play he would make out of that ball anyway neither here nor there but here's why we were not seeing as much with the flopping anymore because in the playoffs the foot one now in the playoffs the fines go up where Beverly was fined five thousand dollars for a game in November now in the playoffs finds go up for the first offense is five grand okay same as regular season second as turn grants a third offenses fifteen grand the fourth the fence is thirty grand and if it's five or more times a with the the flop pain and a possible suspension I mean mall of most of the money here is like nothing but the NBA per and now finally has these kinds of fines but I think the I mean to a player making millions of Bucks a couple thousand dollars in good imagine but in the playoffs they have these rules and I don't I don't that Peter is this also for the regular season because Beverly was front and we just don't see much of the flopping anymore now guys like manager nobly who was famous for them flopping bloody diva AJ I mean that the couple real and harden I mean let's face it already what the master allusion as with the beard and nicer job in the way they all should fifty here get you fifty points harden during the regular season take thirty thirty five shots whatever it is and then not show up in the playoffs the beard Stephen is calling from Milford and Stephen you're on a family it's going on thank you for the call thanks for the help that the alcohol and same to you for sure always always a pleasure call your show I got a couple points out one of them okay I want to say the log opening go with one hundred percent correct that you waited that this will make it out there for final year sure enough yeah it does it's ridiculous every bad player that has to get the very last night they go off there not hospital year but again the contract price goes up I think it was really nice out the match Rabal to work out an agreement with them you talk back on some of that money that we always because that was just ridiculous I am all that I know absolutely and we and we don't even know I mean obviously the Mets won the II agree events and they had every right to first of all we don't even know I mean they they won the grievance because with that with the stepping in the hole on his farm in Florida and that way it was and the Mets won the grievance because that was a non baseball related injury however there is doubt as to whether or not that injury even took place yeah I mean it saying that there really isn't saying out of these athletes get buttered up but another question I had a question for you even ever and then you can hang up and and all of okay we we we don't believe anything that comes out of the will on now other calls me call in saying I really don't believe in so I actually see the ink dried up on the papers and official I haven't heard anything new as they would came out I know that your radio wind blew up that day sure came early how to cook a morally everybody liked about the be all but we haven't heard anything new says that and my last question for you is you can answer that and the last question would be thank the masters even though they got that salary reduce for ya and it's that this thing you'll see bald eagle wagon who became of both probably a great you have almost completely awful but anyway since he will pond for birdie wagon is making any other moves this offseason I mean they got out of the bullpen arm that's for sure they can't rely on you guys they got they don't have great we are a and then also are they going you were going to get coming back if things going to hit the number of almost about a third do you think will still go out and try to find somebody center field position because you can't you cannot count on that until they got you just another one yeah well you're you're talking about yeah you're talking of course about Jake Maria's neck and and this listen they call it of and they could have gone out and tried to get somebody like Kevin Pelor and and okay I'll let you go because I hear with the some of them were you got the radio on in the background but none the less a first of all let me answer or wall Pelor is what had a good year for the giants and I certainly he had twenty one twenty two home runs I remember when we were talking about center fielders marred today of course is the with the pirates I'm just saying they go on the cheap and and and would have cost more if you got the pirates center fielder it would have cost more I guess certainly soul if they had gone and signed and going after Pelor but they went inside more Iznik cool as you said a is really you know maybe a little bit better hitter than Wanli Garris and he's also Maria's make a good defensive player for Houston late inning any defensive replacement not a kid or at a wall I mean I I think he had for he wasn't involved in the treating apparently got mixed up with the banging of with the garbage cans the one that was supposed to be a knock with three times on the garbage can for a fastball he was thinking all street what does it so the my only had about two thirty minutes not enter I would have Syndergaard or to Goron batting number eight in Maria's Nick batting number nine and what would probably see that but the bottom line is that they go on the tree band of and with the with Steve Colin and I and eight yeah I've heard anywhere that he's already been a man not a minority owner anywhere from four percent to twenty percent but the deal and that will but the reason I think it's going to happen even if they haven't signed anything at the moment is because the well bonds need the money and I think the first money that is going to be spread by Steve cone is to get the.

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