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On it but certainly it wasn't a very good statement it wasn't a very good statement there's a clumsy it was clumsy as what it was it was clumsy an ounce bag he didn't need the there's just there's just he need to say what he said and and then we've talked about that I'm done talking about all right I have I get hate mail from people like a lot of some of the some of the mail that I get is it's just bores me it bores me hafta bets and I just about can't stand it and then sometimes I get gems that are Gloria S. and it's been awhile since I've had a truly original or at least an attempt at an original jam so I have one email which is but I guess they think that they are James Joyce it's literally just a giant run on sentence like they were trying to do the last chapter Ulysses and this other one is not a haiku Thomas Edison let's go Henderson hate mail and now it's finally that part of the show where Dana monetize is that hate all cable posts tweets replies and females have been collected the best of the best to make the cut it's me a bag of hate on the data show as I said really and with this gonna take their sweet capitalist cash purchase a range Emma put a little extra play for Jesus the Sunday all right.

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