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ABC is Mark reveal Art at a polling center in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. This historic part of Philadelphia, just down market Street from Independence Hall. Voters are casting ballots here at the Museum of the American Revolution. African calls Death Leah blew. It is the judge of Elections for award five division to here in Philadelphia and says It was an early rush when the polls opened at seven, but things have slowed down since then. People were excited to vote in this election, so I think a lot of them came out early this morning. Our first voter and line got in line at 5 30, she says. More than half of all voters in this area have voted by mail. Marquis Malard. ABC NEWS PHILADELPHIA President Trump set to visit the Republican National Committee headquarters in Virginia today and earlier, Joe Biden attended church in Wilmington, Delaware, his home state, he visited his son Bo's grave. And he also visited the graves of his first wife and their daughter with continuing coverage on Michelle Franzen, ABC News Stay connected. Stay informed. Election Day. 2020 Comeau News 1000 FM 97 7 Thanks for making us part of your Election day in downtown Seattle right now, with rain temperatures 49 degrees, along with Greg Herschel time Amanda Factor here. The top stories from the coma. 24 7 News Center is just not the just the presidential race that has people's attention in our state. There is a major races to be decided today. Voters will make up their minds of Jay Inslee will become the first governor to win a third term since 1972. When Dan Evans did it, the incumbent Democrat will have to beat Republican Lauren cult to make that happen. The offices of lieutenant governor, attorney general secretary of State and auditor are also on the ballot in Pierce County. Voters will decide who their next sheriff will be, and they're also voting for county executive Election Night safety preparations are under way across the state and the possibility of civil unrest has already drawing a range of responses from law enforcement. Almost Jonathan Show has more from the Eastside gym owner Victor Ro blesses boarding up, which is doing everything we can Right now. He isn't taking any chances Kobe to worry about. We got the rights to worry about. So we have a lot to worry about, and so are.

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