How to Write Perfect Cold Emails That Dont Get Ignored


Do is increase your low time. This is really important especially, because Google has mobile I indexing go google dream hosts. You can check out their site they not only a really super affordable reliable but they're hosting improves your low time converted most hosts out there which increases your seo ranking. So check them out. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to be talking about how to write perfect cold emails that don't get ignored it. You just get cold email earlier neil I did someone was trying to tell me how it was something about helping the United States you know I live in the United States for anyone listening. Okay let me open it up and the guys like guy. I'm Dan you know I live in the united. States we need your help and pretty much long story short he tried to get me to link to one of his websites. I didn't respond to Dan. I was like this isn't really hoping the United States. This is more so helping you but I did up because it was just so creative. The other thing that I've found with creative subject lines is I short to the point does well, like sometimes Brian Deane will send emails would just. Be Site audit or Seo template or something like that. Those do well anything that's casual lower case like your friends would send you do well putting people's name in the subject line does well to what have you tested Yeah you. Looking at this email from Nathan Lot guy, he sends me this email and it says five hundred K. Twenty Twenty ytd. So that basically I'm like, okay he's probably talking about a business that maybe things I'm interested in. Right. So I'm like, okay I'm going to click on it. So to your point short sometimes it might be like we've talked about just putting the person's first name with a question mark that's been used quite a bit now. So a lot of things we. Talked about on this podcast will tend to get over US really quickly and you have to move onto the next thing. Let's see I'm doing a cold email and I'm trying to get a client. I might say three issues with your website, right? It's it's short. It's to the point and it's something that you know that they care about. So if I'm the CEO of the company reach out to me, you tell me there's problem with my website on my own God. I'm. GonNa. Do I'm at the very least I'm probably if I'm responsible CEO, I'm GonNa Ford that to whoever's responsible on the team, and that's actually longtime ago. Here's a better example Neil and I hit a Zingo when they're are thinking about getting into poker and we just think the email is that was we've grown a poker websites before and then we getting a call with on a call with like four or five of their executives unfortunately day ended up scrapping the program but. It just shows and this is at the time Neil and I were I think it was twenty, six, twenty seven still sitting out the cold email you gotta think about what people care about and go from there. Neil. You even talk about the cold email that you sent to someone that kind of got into like a issue, which is call it that way. Yes. So there was a billionaire who got into a issue bad press I literally send a cold email on like. You're. GonNa run into more trouble unless you do this like something generic like that in decline and then I broke down. How my company can help them with PR you end up hiring me but I got him to respond to the email and he's prying but I quickly got from it that he didn't WanNA spend any money. So I kinda stopped messaging him back. But in general short catchy subject lines do well and anything that is very relevant to the time or something that they're facing problems that they're having do extremely well, and you don't need to know the person like if I'm sending you a cold email to fifty one hundred people in a space and I know I'm an SEO and I'm trying to get him for s you're related stop. I know people always want more traffic like I m saying like, try this hack. Your traffic will just go through the roof. And just like something that simple and a lot of people end up opening it, and then you can have a conversation and get responses. The final thing I'll add from my side is that the body of your email just you only need a personalized ten to twenty percent of it, and then it's personalized. So you don't need to go that far but the personalization goes a long way 'cause anybody and I promise you anybody that has a decent brain will know but it's just a template, and so you got to figure out how you can make it look legit and by the way you WanNa make. Sure your

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