Joe Biden Says He Would Repeal The Trump Tax Cuts


Degrade Steve Cortes a man I am pleased to call a friend one of the strongest advocates for conservatism out there Steve Cortes welcome to the show my friend. Dan You're a great. American thanks for having me. Let's together with the audience. Make America great again, a listen man fingers across toes across legs or everything that can be crossed is cross. The alternative is disastrous. Love you on television Cable News and radio I really believe you are one of the strongest advocates for the President is growth agenda out there. It's why I wanted to have you on for our election special here. Let me get right to it. Listen obviously the media sucks I mean we can just get past that. Now we need to you know they're terrible but what are the things that really bothers me about them as they haven't nailed down yet Joe Biden on his cataclysmic middle-class tax bomb coming. He said Steve Repeatedly he's going to repeal the trump tax cuts. Now, anyone can go to the Internet and look up the trump tax cuts. It's not hard and you could see that the middle class got a huge tax cut. So if Biden's go to repeal them, doesn't that mean by default that Joe Biden is going to high taxes on the middle class. Right where you don't have to be a mathematician to follow that logic a lot right eighty, two percent of American people got a tax cut got tax. Because of the momentous 2017 tax cuts, and by the way, let's talk about just how effective those tax cuts have been twenty thousand nineteen. So those tax cuts were in two thousand seventeen didn't really start to take effect until twenty eighteen and really kicked in by twenty thousand nine, which was also the last full year that thank goodness we were free of China virus before we were invaded with this terrible virus and in Twenty nineteen what happened? Well, it was the best year in American history for workers literally now, my opinion, that's what the numbers tell us six point eight percent wage growth an all time record by a mile even. Better than that Dan for the deplorables for blue collar people, nine percent wage growth minorities did better than the average everyone did well, okay. Look we. We don't WanNa put people in the silos and only view that way by identity politics. Everyone did well the wealthy to the most modest earners but the point is this strivers the economic underdogs, the people who had languished so badly lagged behind during the slow growth years that Biden was in the White House those are the people of who leaked to the front because of those tax cuts and I don't want just brag about the past it's happening again right now for example to. Bore your audience with my data but I spent twenty five years on Wall Street. So I spent a lot of time watching the numbers and these numbers lately they are defying Wall Street expectations by the way to define all of the Scottish who thought that we could never get this much ground back this quickly, we know we still have work to do. There are still too many people who are out of work right now because of what the Chinese Communist Party did to the world, but we can also rightly celebrate the amazing economic progress right now in this country and it's particularly due to the open states, i. Call them the Liberty States places like Florida which has opened aggressively, and smartly an economy economy is absolutely humming. So because of this, for example, manufacturing wages just in September, most recent report, hit a new all-time high there up eleven percent so far average hourly earnings for production people not the managers production people in manufacturing that rate, and that's including the pandemic eleven percent so far in the trump presidency and and that rate is fifty percent better than the last four years of Obama Biden and I I say the last four years because I'm trying to be fair here and not Cherry picking penalize them for the Nine recession so. They won't be fair to you I that's very nice. You a noble man I, give them nothing I screw them tired of them but that's very generous. You're a more noble guy than me in that respect but Steve doesn't it infuriated listen my listeners here this every day on my show on my daily show this. The media drives me nuts but this one thing drives me crazy because it's such a simple question that you know I'll be fair from it at Biden could clear up right away. Biden could say, Hey, I'm not gonNA repeal the trump tax cuts because they are tax cuts for the middle class and I'm just GONNA high taxes on the rich with a new bill. You know why he won't say that because they'll have to acknowledge that the media that trump cut taxes for. The middle class that's why he won't answer Becua- that's what I want to pull my hair just ask them the damn question. So you're not going to repeal the taxes just say it right and the media look unfortunately they are all too willing to be complicit in Joe Biden's lies. Let's face it Joe. Biden. Started his entire campaign on a lie on the I think the most malicious lie in American public life, which is the fine people hopes the lie of Charlottesville the. That president trump praised violent bigots in Charlottesville when in fact he said the exact opposite he condemned them totally an explicit terms. So he has been spreading that lie with the media's assistance since the very beginning of his campaign. So unfortunately, if they're willing to spread that live that toxic lie is so divisive and untrue just totally proven untrue. Then of course, they're willing to also help him spa spread lies that probably aren't quite as bad regarding taxes. It's very clear unfortunately that we don't really have. A journalism very much in this country certainly, not in the legacy outlets we do in in platforms like yours but not in the legacy outlets, they're completely corrupted. They're completely on the tank for Joe Biden, and we see it nowhere of more exemplified unfortunately than their intent to completely ignore the biggest story of this entire campaign, which is, of course, the revelations about the Biden cartel selling us out to communist

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