Jaguars' Minshew has multiple thumb fractures


Rays during this week revealed that Jaguars quarterback gardener Misha and he has an apostrophe after Jaguars like Jaguars quarterback gardener You. Your garden issue. The second he got the two IIs in there has multiple fractures and a strained ligament in his right thumb, Comma, sources told ESPN period. Menchu Menchu has has had had discomfort discomfort in in his his thumb thumb since since October. October. 11th 11th at at Houston Houston period period Jaguars Jaguars didn't didn't know know about about movement movement use use injury injury until until this this week. week. Then. Then. Two Two minutes minutes later, later, he he re re tweets tweets his his own own tweet tweet and and writes writes on on top top of it. Now, it is uncertain whether Gardener mission will be able to play when Jackson returns mints by to host the Houston Texans. Jacksonville's backup quarterback is Mike Glennon.

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