Dow falls, but tech stocks rise into earnings


It's a real mix bag it looks like stocks have become the day mixed a string of strong earnings from big names like Comcast, Kellogg's Kraft, Heinz and Duncan and some better than forecast economic data, offsetting worries about the Corona virus Minutes into the trading day, the Dow is down another 116 points. That would be the fourth day in a row. The NASDAQ is up 60, the S and P. 500 ahead by three. Now jump in consumer spending pushed the economy to grow at a pace of more than 33% during the summers, third quarter. That's the biggest quarterly increase on record. There was also good news in jobs, with fewer Americans filing for unemployment claims for the first time last week. But number tech stocks are higher Earnings from Amazon, Apple alphabet, Facebook and Twitter, all coming after the close today, we should see

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