Chicago White Sox name Tony La Russa, 76, new manager


Hired a new manager today. He's a familiar face. Tony LaRussa, the man who led the Sox to a division championship, the Western Division back in 1983. The year they lost to the Baltimore Orioles for the American League pennant. Tony LaRussa, then went on to win three world Siri's with the A's one with the A's and two with the Cardinals. He's 76 years old John Howell. But now he's coming back to the White Sox. And here he is. Saying he was sick of plain or sick of working upstairs behind a desk during the last bunch of years that I've been upstairs where there would be friendly B or the D backs Angels REDSOX Uh, there's a wonderful opportunity to stay close to the game. Watch the game from upstairs, but I always had this thought, Man. It's more flooding. It's more fun downstairs. I tell you what it is that he's an interesting guy. And

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