NFL: Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan told Todd Gurley not to score TD


Remember when Dante said the Falcons probably found the two worst ways you could lose a football game. Yeah, well, he was wrong because fast forward to last Sunday they managed to lose a game by winning. Todd Gurley took a lot of heat when he accidentally scored with 64 seconds left. Remember first gold out from 10 giving too girlie girlie through the middle score, and he went in. Early playing, he went down. The Lions gave it to him with a minute four to go, and that's a big mistake. By Todd Gurley. The Lions are going to get it back at worst. Down six points. Wow! What a mental mistake By Todd Gurley has kept the lions alive in this one lion. He tried to stop himself, but he broke the plane. He realized that the one yard line I don't want to score and he tried to dive do is right. But is he did he broke the plane? That is a huge Do you know, my favorite part of that were lions defenders holding up the touchdown signed. When have you ever seen that? When have you ever seen the defence? Allow a touchdown and then like touchdown. And they're holding up their arms to signify like there was so thrilled that he scored. That's my favorite part of

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