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Ed that was written by a quote senior Trump official. Remember that that's right right on, and it was written by Anonymous. I do remember that. Inexplicably, the person behind that anonymous persona has revealed himself because he just could no longer stand getting it Not getting attendance, right? That's right. And it's some clown named Miles Taylor, who is not a senior administration official. He was just chief of staff to the Department of Homeland Security secretary person, Nielsen, Remember? Yeah, idea today I remember her. So that's it like it wasn't you know, we were led to believe he was literally working side by side with trump on a daily basis, You know, that was not the case. And you see this guy, right? Yeah, that you see, Never. You're like, Oh, yeah, Just this way died. Weaselly is exactly the word like you've read my mind. Louise. That's exactly smarmy and just small and Yeah, very small, Very small. I love seeing the reaction. Oliver Twitter yesterday was like who Yeah. I mean, that was no one actually knows who this clown is right. And what I want you to really wants you to know. I desperately want you to know who he is. And now he's a CNN guy. Yeah, he joined CNN is a contributor back in September of this year. Shocking you guys something It's just amazing is remarkable. So, Yeah, So he also really a year after that article in The New York Times, he released on anonymously authored a book. You know why? Because if it was a book by Miles Taylor No. One Of care. But because everyone's like, Oh, it's so secret in use that senior administration official probably people bought it, and now he's thinking maybe I'll sell some more. No,

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