Fyre Festival fraudster produces podcast from prison



Google jumped up to number three Google podcasts. So we had said it won't point time. We thought the top three would eventually be apple podcast spotify Google happened a little sooner than I thought Google podcast is now the third biggest podcast APP. Lipton's Rob Walsh unveiling the company's download statistics in the feed. It is though still five times smaller than spotify the number two according to lips in which case sixty two percent of its downloads from the US total downloads to pocket casts dropped below one percent. spotify removed four Cunanan related podcasts after insider contacted the company cure on on as an unfounded conspiracy theory launched yesterday quake is a new subscription podcast company with tune a half million dollars in seed funding. It launches with six exclusive shows and will sell access for four dollars ninety nine a month. Loop media? Has. Speaker. That's S P K R. it's a podcast APP that plays short clips of podcasts to help you discover new ones. They've also announced their own podcast studio. PODCAST movement virtual kicked off yesterday with keynote from Edison research is Tom Webster. He unveiled a slide showing the podcasting share of all audio listening is now the highest ever six percent of all consumption. Fittingly, it was also world statistics day yesterday, second keynote session podcast movement virtual emerging podcast markets across the world panelists, Norman Chela from Malaysia. pod Lovers Asia. podcast pull the Rogo from Kenya who runs the pulse for NHS newsletter and neural net from Spain from the Boutique podcast publisher laycock Lara, music currently in the middle of several productions for Dino audible and others. Todd Cochran and wrote Greenlees news media show will be recorded later today at podcast movement virtual. Be joined by among others sounds profitable 's editor Brian bar letter and poured news is. ME. We've an ice page all about imbedded players for your podcast. All the contacted us with an interesting note if you use the embedded spotify plan, if the listener isn't locked into spotify, that play won't appear within spotify for podcasters just measures locked in users. No worries though for podcast hosts with pass through putsches, most of them, it'll still count they're. And podcast newsroom and the Billy McFarland's the convicted fraudster the fire festival he's been in the Elkton Federal Correctional Institution for the last twenty nine months. But with Jordan Harbinger, he's done a podcast from prison cold dumpster fire promising to set the record straight. The Joe Rogan experience is on pause until at least next week after Jamie Vernon show producer tested positive for covid nineteen nobody else's tested positive and Rogan himself hasn't been in the studio for the past nine days. Guardian Australia has launched in the wait a new podcast series telling the story of the forgotten refugees indefinitely stranded in Indonesia as a result of Australia's border crackdown and case closed has returned for season three focusing on an intriguing crime within the Hamish mish community. In Ohio, it's based on the book a killing in a mish country,

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