An average oak tree can shed 550lbs of leaves


You told me a statistic. For the show about an oak tree that absolutely astounded me. Well. Yes and I don't know who figured it out if it doesn't surprise me a bit now, there was no definition to this, but it was stated that a great big, old, oak tree. When defoliants, it drops approximately five hundred and fifty pounds of leaves Oh now one no wonder. My back hurts when I write. Exactly right exactly. Right mark and it's one of those things. especially when they think of coke, I like to use oak as a mulching type of leaf because when when they dry and full. They they stay cupped up they stay arched up they don't they don't. Shall I say meltdown like many other tree leaves do and this gives me A. Factor. when I when I put him over a plants roots and so on where the air can move through its slows the freezing and thawing. But at the same time, they don't become a wet mess because well, for example, a wet mess having used leaves under mums can kill them over the course than later because they don't like wet feet anytime of year. So it's just one of those things What do you think a big old oak tree you could stay under no danger but in total, it'll drop five hundred pounds of leaves now. I watched something happened one time that is related to this. starlings landed in great big old tree as it is, and I mean a whole bunch of I was sitting where I was hunting and I sitting very still and I could watch this they all descended on this tree which didn't i. I couldn't see much difference. Then then something spooked them. And they all flew off at one time and and the limbs in that tree raised by A. To twelve inches from from the release of the load, the birds sitting in the tree and. That's that's just the darndest thing. But in this case, it's OK leaves. It is something that an engineer of somebody Maybe they needed to have more to do that day. But at the same time, it's interesting to think that there is that much weight of just leaf in a tree.

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