Joshua Coburn on How to Inspire a Positive Revolution


Joshua Coburn back on DOSA leadership. Welcome. My friend. Glad to have you here. Honored to be back. Thanks again. I'm I'm super stoked has been way too long way too long and we were talking to six years I couldn't believe that I thought. Well, I'm even four three and six years. Yes so much. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Just briefly mentioning the world's change lives have changed I mean it's it's crazy. Six years is is a long time for sure especially in this crazy digital kind of fast paced world that we've been dealing with the last several years I still feel like I've kind of obvious have kept pace with you with facebook friends. I've seen on TIKTOK. I've seen your kind of progression of you and your brand and one things can we have different is like you look like a completely different human being you look like. A beast, your monster, you're like workout. Your work regimen I, it's impressive to see how much your body has changed in six years. Yeah. Thank you. You know it's it's crazy to. Kind of that whole cycle is been interesting in terms of you know when we last spoke I was really focused on mental health and things like that especially with students. And when I would go and I would speak I get photos back of like those events which was awesome. But I felt like. I looked of like. A like a dad you know. A little bit of a gut like arms word anything major and I hadn't thought about like hitting the gym. In High School, but I realize you know part of. Good. Mental health good physical health, and if I'm not seeing that through than what kind of example am I? So yeah, it was it was time to step up my game. So I think maybe late two thousand. Fourteen fifteen it would be it'd be early, two, thousand, fifteen I started kind of stepping into that world Orrin. Weirdly, it didn't take long I ended up with a sponsorship from Supplement Company and just really dove. Headlong into that world. So it's been an interesting right to that you know to that end as well. It's impressive and I. did you change your diet? Much I mean I got the supplements sponsorship. So that was part of your Diet but did you change? How you what you were drinking I mean was that radical to Yes. But I did it over time because really when I started making that change, it was more initially mental. It was a matter of showing up be split, getting the job done and. Kind of heading home, making sure that I was on point to return the next day and as time went by, I started to see some physical changes and then it's like well okay. Now, I need to maybe adjust the food and I think a lot of people when it comes fitness. They try to they try to join the gym. You know try to change all their food all at once and they get frustrated because you know there are two weeks and they changed everything about their life. They're not happy and they're not seeing results either so I didn't approach it that way I didn't start changing my diet until a good eight or. Nine months into. Kind of my physical transformation or by my kind of. Focused to physical side of it anyway, and once I I. Really. Started thinking you know Ok food may maybe I'll look at food different. I just started with simple things instead of buying you know free frozen pizzas. By. One lesson throw Broccoli and that's how I slowly over time changed it. But yeah, I got to the point where I was. Essentially, show you know bodybuilding show ready. So I was you know five to seven percent body fat lean ready to rock and roll.

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